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Losing Our Religion - documentary Channel Oct 15 9 pm

If you do not tune in to the documentary Channel Sunday October 15th at 9 pm you will never have the opportunity to see a film quite like Losing Our Religion. Trust me, I love the genre and Losing Our Religion is a one of a kind experience that will leave its mark. It airs Sunday October 15th at 9 pm ET and 10 pm PT  and Wednesday October 18th at 7 pm ET and 4 pm PTOver two years ... More

Wonder Woman - Blu-ray DVD and Digital

Whatever positive things you heard about Wonder Woman were understated. This is an action movie that redefines what you can do with the genre and raises the bar. True, a couple of the digital effects are on the obvious side but aside from that there is nothing that gets in the way of enjoying a great story with a kick ass main character and actress (Gal Gadot) as well as  a plot, subplots, and developments that make sense and can ... More

THe Taming of the Queue - Josh Freed

Canadian documentary filmmaker Josh Freed is a personal favorite. His latest enquiry in how humans work is The Taming of the Queue which airs Sunday June 18th at 9 pm  on documentary and repeats  Wednesday June 28th at 8 pm EDT is a must see. The documentary looks at the history of standing in line, its traditions, and our perceptions of the experience. Freed also shows how one day we will be … freed … from that particular annoyanceStanding in ... More

F*ck Feelings - Michael Bennett MD

If you can't find the self-help section in the bookstore on your own, you are beyond help. Fortunately, F*ck Feelings by Michael I Bennett MD features a highlighter-yellow cover so it is hard to miss from any distance. I personally loathe self-help books or books that promise solutions to your problem(s) but F*ck Feelings is different from the feel good pablum, follow-my-cult, or “this will work if you put in the effort and follow everything to the letter” books you ... More

Mill Creek Entertainment Comedy 20 Movie Collection - The Brothers Solomon

I can't believe I enjoyed and how much I enjoyed The Brothers Solomon. It is one of the movies on the 6 DVD 20 Comedy Movie Collection from Mill Creek Entertainment which also features Punchline, the very odd but funny The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human, the underrated Cops and Robbersons, and Postcards From the Edge. There is a full list at the end of this review.The Brothers Solomon is about two guys, Will Arnett and Will Forte, raised ... More

Mill Creek Entertainment - Comedy 20 Movie Collection - Punchline

Punchline is Last Comic Standing with funny jokes, funny comedians, and nothing sanitized for prime-time tv. It is a brilliant and funny behind the scenes look at the stand up world and life in local stand up clubs. Punchline is one of the films on the 6 DVD Comedy 20 Comedy Movie Collection from Mill Creek Entertainment. There is a list of all the other comedies at the end of this review. Sally Field plays a rumpled housewife whose life ... More

Milll Creek Entertainment - Comedy 20 Movie Collection - Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

Walk Hard, The Dewey Cox Story makes Spinal Tap look like it a minor operation. This DVD is brilliant, extraordinary original, fantastic, hilarious, and sublime. It is one of the many great comedies featured in Mill Creek Entertainment's Comedy 20 Movie Collection. A complete list is featured at the bottom of this review.It is clear in the first few minutes Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story is going to be a smart, over the top mocking of both musical biopics ... More

The Great Wild Indoors - Feb 9th at 9 pm

If you could get all the bugs that share your home to pay rent you could live pretty much rent free. The Great Wild Indoors by filmmaker Roberto Verdecchia looks at the various creepy crawlies that live inside your home. It is absolutely fascinating and will also make you want to vacuum more carefully next time even if all of these freeloaders are harmless. This documentary is another great The Nature of Things offering and airs February 9th at 9 ... More

Pearl Harbor: The Accused - HBO Canada Dec. 5th 9 pm

If you are a WWII history buff, you must set aside December 5th and tune in to HBO Canada at 9 pm for the 90-minute documentary Pearl Harbor: The Accused. The documentary partly lifts the veil on one of the great mysteries behind Pearl Harbor: why were the Americans caught so unprepared? It also vindicates the reputation of four-star admiral Husband E. Kimmel, Commander of the Pacific Fleet based in Pearl Harbor. This is a well-made, well-researched, and fascinating film.Featuring ... More

War Dogs - Blu-Ray and Digital HD

America is the land of opportunity. It is also the land of guns. War Dogs is the story of how two Americans found a loophole in how the Pentagon got its weapons and built a million-dollar empire from that loophole. Of course, this story would not be movie material if a few things did not go wrong in the process. I enjoyed War Dogs for the original story it told and how it told it but the balance between exposition ... More

Black Watch Snipers - History Channel Nov 11th 9:00

I enjoy a good documentary. I really love documentaries about WWII.  Black Watch Snipers left me ecstatic. Filmmaker Robin Bicknell blends the on-camera testimony of four 90-something Black Watch veterans with filmed recreations of the events. The quality of the dramatic recreations pays homage to the stories these men are telling for the very first time. Black Watch Snipers premieres November 11th at 9 pm on the History Channel. It is a must see.Black Watch Snipers is narrated through the ... More

Spaceman - the story of Bill Lee

Written and directed by Brett Rapkin and starring John Duhamel (11.22.63) Spaceman is a biopic about former Red Sox and Montreal Expos pitcher and philosopher Bill Lee. The movie focuses on the more  or less 2 years after Lee was let go by the Expos and tried to get back in the show. The reason Spaceman is a fun movie anyone will enjoy as it is about more than a former baseball player. This movie should not be confused with ... More