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Science Fiction

12 SF and Fantasy Novels that should be on your bookshelf.: A brief overview of 12 science fiction and fantasy novels that you should get around to reading.

20 Million Miles To Earth - 50th Anniversary Edition DVD: Really good monster movie DVD done right by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Aeon Flux: Aeon Flux is a mysterious assassin working for the Monicans, a group of rebels trying to overthrow the government. When she is a sent on a mission to kill the Chairman, a whole new mystery is found.

Alien Nation: Alien Nation is an after the fact kind of science fiction DVD movie.

Alien Nation The Complete Series: Great science fiction cop TV show that was a spin-off of Alien Nation the movie with James Caan and Mandy Patinkin.

Alien Raiders: A blending of horror and SF that is well written, well acted and definitely worth your time.

Alien Raiders - The Raw Feed: This horror science-fiction thriller DVD rocks!

Alien vs Predator - Requiem Unrated: Big green monster goes after other big green monster going after another big green monster in a jade colored environment.

Alphas Season 2 begins July 23rd 10 PM:

Another Earth Blu-ray DVD Combo: Odd, moody speculative fiction about woman, her actions, and consequences.

Appleseed ExMachina: Manga becomes anime

Arachnoquake - The Space Channel June 23rd 9 PM: A must for creature feature fans.

Astro Boy Volume 1 to 5 (2003 version): Fun enough manga DVD set though a bit too violent for its intended kid audience.

AVPR - Fans Will Love What They've Done: A hybrid Alien/Predator is unleashed on Earth after causing the crash of a Predator spacecraft. A Predator is dispatched to Earth to take care of the situation leading to a dark hunt in a small Colorado town.

Babylon A.D.: If Toorop can smuggle a young woman into N.Y.C. he will make a great deal of money the only question is: Can he get the job done when competing interests seem intent on preventing her from arriving?

Be Heard Screaming on Space Channel in October: October 2011 article

Blade Runner 25th Anniversary Contest ends 12-14-07:

Captain Video Master Of The Stratosphere: Back in the good old days, movie theatres ran a few news clips, a couple of serials, and a cartoon or two before the main feature.

City Of Ember: Teens Lina and Doon seek to save the population of the city of Ember by any means necessary.

Clockstoppers: Zak becomes embroiled in a time stopping adventure as he tries to save his father from a megalomaniac researcher.

Contagion: A new and deadly virus travels back to America with an American Executive. Patient zero came in contact with a lot of people and now the problem is world wide.

Dark Fury - The Chronicles Of Riddick (Animated): A bridge of the gap between 'Pitch Black' and 'Chronicles of Riddick' to give more insight into Riddick as a character.

Delta State: Cool looking animated science fiction series in a 2 DVD set

District 9: A flunky in the MTU is appointed to oversee the relocation of 1.8 million aliens living in a shanty near Johannesburg when he is exposed to a biological agent that helps him change his view of things.

District 9 DVD: Just watch it. Telling you anything takes away from this great sf DVD

Doctor Who - Planet of the Dead - David Tennant: Made for TV movie after season 4 is quite fun.

Doctor Who - The Complete First Series - With Clips: Doctor Who THe Complete First Series made even this non fan of Doctor Who a fan.

Doctor Who - The Complete Series Five: New Doctor, new companion, new adventures. Who can ask for anything more?

Doctor Who - The Complete Third Season: Season Three of BBC Doctor Who series really kicks ass.

Doctor Who - The Doctors Revisited 1: 4 Shows starring the first 4 Doctors. Excellent deal.

Doctor Who - The Doctors Revisited 1 - Tomb of the Cybermen: Excelle 4 DVD set with one story featuring the first 4 Doctors.

Doctor Who - The End of Time: The end is nigh for the Doctor but is it also for humans?

Doctor Who - The Next Doctor - Christmas 2008: The Doctor meets the Doctor in the 2008 Christmas episode of Doctor Who

Doctor Who - The Snowmen: One of the best two Doctor Who Christmas specials reintroducing the most interesting companion: Clara Oswald

Doctor Who - The Waters of Mars: The Doctor lands on Mars on the last day of the first Mars base.

Doctor Who 104 - Tom Baker - Destiny Of The Daleks: 4 part show originally aired 1979. Good stuff, even for this very casual fan of the series

Doctor Who 108 - The Horns of Nimon: Fun episode with Tom Baker

Doctor Who 115 - Keeper of Trakken: Decent Doctor Who episode where the Doctor meets future companion Nyssa

Doctor Who 117 Castrovalva - Peter Davison: This one is for fans only and you have to watch 115 and 116 before

Doctor Who 120 - Peter Davison - The Visitation (Special Edition): One of the better stories in the original series. The Special Edition features more than 90 minutes of special features.

Doctor Who 121 - Black Orchid - Peter Davison: An Edwardian mystery of sorts masquerades as a much lesser Doctor Who episode

Doctor Who 122 - Peter Davison - Earthshock - The Doctors Revisited 2: 4 DVD set with a story featuring Doctors 5 to 9

Doctor Who 130 - The Five Doctors: Malevolent force brings the five doctors together for great 20th anniversary special

Doctor Who 136 The Caves of Androzani - Peter Davison: Pretty good episode with lots of caves and plot twists

Doctor Who 138 - Colin Baker Vengeance on Varos The Doctors Revisited 2: The DVD set is a great deal, this story is so-so.

Doctor Who 15 and 16 - Space Museum and The Chase: Decent William Hartnell era stories. The Chase includes Daleks

Doctor Who 155 -Sylvester McCoy - Vengeance on Varos - The Doctors Revisited 2: A very good story with the seventh Doctor and Ace

Doctor Who 39 - The Ice Warriors - Patrick Troughton: Good story with episodes 2 and 3 animated to recreate the lost segments.

Doctor Who 51 - Jon Pertwee - Spearhead From Space: 3rd DVD in The Doctors Revisited Volume 1

Doctor Who 51 - Spearhead From Space Blu-ray: An excellent remastering to Blu-ray of a great classic Doctor Who

Doctor Who 52 - Jon Pertwee - The Silurians: Jon Pertwee as Doctor Who in program 52 (1970) battles underground reptiles.

Doctor Who 54 - Inferno Special Edition - Jon Pertwee: BBC Home Entertainment means it when they say Special Edition for this very good 7-part story

Doctor Who 56 - The Mind of Evil - Jon Pertwee: The Master is at it again under the guise of rehabilitating criminals with a special machine.

Doctor Who 61 - The Curse of Peladon - Jon Pertwee: Good but low budget Doctor Who full of political intrigue.

Doctor Who 64 - The Time Monster - Jon Pertwee: One of the better Doctor Who in 6 episodes

Doctor Who 73 - The Monster of Peladon: Doctor Who returns to Peladon for more chase scenes in styrofoam cave and lesser 6-part story.

Doctor Who 76 - Tom Baker - The Ark In Space: The TARDIS brings the Doctor, Sarah Jane, and Harry to an ark holding the last humans but also a nasty bug.

Doctor Who 80 - Tom Baker - Terror of the Zygons: Another aliens stranded on earth want to invade. Features Sarah Jane and Lethbridge-Stewart

Doctor Who 82 - The Pyramids of Mars - The Doctors Revisited 1: Excellent story.

Doctor Who 86 The Masque of Mandragora - Tom Baker: Good episode set in Renaissance.

Doctor Who 96 - Underworld - Tom Baker: Decent enough episode with weak blue screen sfx

Doctor Who Season 7 Begins Sept. 1st 9 p.m. the Space Channel:

Doctor Who Series 6 Part 1 DVD: 7 Episodes 2 DVD with a complete story arc.

Doctor Who Series 7 Part 2 Blu-ray: The episodes featuring Clara, the Impossible Girl. Excellent.

Doctor Who Series Six Part One: Way cool series of shows.

Doctor Who The Complete Fourth Series: Most excellent Doctor Who DVD set. Season 4 rocks.

Doctor Who The Complete Sixth Series Blu-ray: Excellent series and the Doctor is really dead this time.

Doctor Who: An Adventure in Space and Time - Space Nov. 22 9:00: The biopic of the origins of Doctor Who

Donnie Darko: Donnie Darko is a teen boy being visited by a time bending demonic rabbit. Well maybe.

Earth vs. The Flying Saucers - Ray Harryhausen: Classic Ray Harryhausen sfx movie

Equilibrium: In a Fascist future where all forms of feeling are illegal, a man in charge of enforcing the law rises to overthrow the system.

Falling Skies - The Complete Second Season: Very good post Earth invasion action SF show.

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Limited Edition Collector's Set: A reluctant Cloud is pulled into battle against his younger brothers to save the children with geostigma and prevent the genes of Jenova from infecting the lifestream.

Five / 5ive: First American post nuclear holocaust movie now on DVD

Forbidden Planet - Special 50th Anniversary Edition: Classic science-fiction movie now in great restored DVD version

Frank Patrick Herbert (October 8, 1920 - February 11, 1986) American science fiction author.: The life and times of Frank Herbert

Fringe - The Complete First Season Blu-ray: Good mystery scifi show gets better as season advances and actors get better. 20 episodes 4 Blu-ray discs

Fringe Blu-ray - The Complete Second Season: Alternate universe arc makes this not quite as good as season 1

Fringe The Complete Third Season Blu-ray: Good science fiction show marred by alternate universe mumbo jumbo

Godzilla Blu-ray - Matthew Broderick version: 2 or 3 movies in one but decent after a quarter of the way in.

Gorgo: Gorgo stars Bill Travers and William Sylvester as two British treasure hunters who often lost their British accent but find a Godzilla like creature on the coast of Ireland.

Hackers: Falsely accused of being part of a conspiracy to cause an environmental disaster a group of hackers must prove their innocence and reveal the true criminals.

Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire: Harry's fourth summer and the following year at Hogwarts are marked by the Quidditch World Cup and the Triwizard Tournament.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: Harry Potter inherits a text book which aids in his understanding of potions, but who owned the book before him and why is Dumbledore so anxious for Harry to get to know the new potions master?

Hellboy II: The Golden Army: Hellboy and the bureau of paranormal research try to prevent the rise of the Golden Army an indestructible army being brought to life by the Prince of the Elves.

Hercules: Lou Ferrigno is Hercules.

Hunters Of Dune: Duncan Idaho and Sheeana are fleeing everyone in the universe and meeting with only moderate success in this sequel to Frank Herbert's Chapterhouse Dune

I Am Legend: Scientist and last man in NYC tries to find cure for virus.

I Am Number Four: John Smith is an alien on the run one of only a handful of survivors of his race. The hunters are drawing near and he has to fight not only to save himself but to save his human friends.

Impact: Decent scifi yarn about asteroids, the moon, and the possible end of the world.

In The Flesh - Space - May 18th and 25th, June 1st 10 p.m.: Very good three part BBC show about reintegrating zombies or people with Partially Dead Syndrome

In Time: Decent speculative fiction where time is money leaves viewer cold

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers 1978: One of few great remakes of a sci-fi classic movie

Iron Man: Weapons manufacturer Tony Stark comes to terms with his legacy by becoming Iron Man and seeking to repair some of the evil he has visited up on the world.

Isaac Asimov: January 2, 1920 - April 6, 1992, Russian-born American author and biochemist.: The life and times of Issac Asimov

Jim Henson Fantasy Film Collection - Labyrinth: This fantasy DVD is about what happens when you wish your little brother away.

Jim Henson Fantasy Film Collection - The Dark Crystal: One of three Jim Henson / Frank Oz DVD in the Fantasy Film Collection

Jim Henson's Fantasy Film Collection - Mirrormask: For movie buffs who like to be transported to another world Mirrormask is a movie not to be missed.

Journey To The Center Of The Earth: Possibly one of the worst movies ever put on film.

Judge Dredd 3D: Responding to a triple homicide at Peachtrees Judge Dredd and his probie Anderson come under fire and have to fight for their lives against the toughest, most power clan in region.

Jumper: Kid discovers he can jump to wherever he wants to in the world and then that there are people who want to kill him.

Killjoys - Premieres June 19th 9:00 on Space: Interesting SF series about bounty hunters slash security personel.

Knowing: If metaphysics and astrophysics is your balliwick then you will enjoy this Nicholas Cage movie in which the end of days is predicted by a child in the 1950's

Legion of Super Heroes Volume 1: 4 selected episodes from the Warner Brothers series Legion of Super Heroes - volume one.

Looker: Technological thriller by Michael Crichton that is pretty good.

Magma : Volcanic Disaster: A Sci-Fi Channel made for TV disaster movie. Very so so.

Man Of Steel - Review: Review of the June 2013 release of

Mars Attacks! Blu-ray: Very odd Tim Burton space comedy.

Mimobot Star Wars USB Keys - The Ideal Geek Gift: A great gift for your geek.

Mirrormask: MirrorMask centers on Helena, a 15 year old girl in a family of circus entertainers, who often wishes she could run off and join real life. After a fight with her parents about her future plans, her mother falls quite ill and Helena is convinced that it is all her fault.

Moon - Sam Rockwell: Sam is all alone on a moon base but .... Excellent science fiction DVD

Never Let Me Go: Very good idea, soulless excution of distopian fiction.

Neverland - Space Dec. 18th and 19th 8 p.m.: A superb two-part miniseries giving the backstory to Peter Pan

Night Skies: Based loosely around the Phoenix Lights incident of 1997 the justification for this movie is as inexplicable as the lights themselves.

Orphan Black - Premieres March 30th 9 p.m. on Space: Canadian produced thriller with an SF twist where one character has many twins.

Panic In The Year Zero: A very intelligent, well-written, and well-made movie about the end of the world following a nuclear holocaust.

Phil The Alien: If you want more out of science-fiction films than your basic Hollywood blockbuster and if you like weird and quirky science fiction movies, Phil The Alien is right up your alley.

Primer: If you could be in two places and two times at the same time would you do it?

Primeval: New World - Space beginning Oct 29th 10 p.m.: British series successfully crosses the pond in this Canadian spin-off

Queen of Blood - MGM Limited Edition Collection: Odd science fiction DVD borrows heavily from two Russian movies

Race to Witch Mountain: A pair of alien teens have to recover their space ship in order to prevent the destruction of earth.

Real Steel: A one time boxer now making a living piloting robot boxers spends a summer with his son seeking out fights and getting to know each other.

Red Dwarf Back to Earth - Director's Cut: The Red Dwarf crew finds itself on earth where it discovers it is a TV show facing cancellation. Good stuff.

Red Planet: Good SF thriller with no aliens and stuff blowing up.

Repo Man: Repo Man has got to be one of the best science fiction comedy DVDs out there.

Returner: A young woman from the future forces a local gunman to help her stop an impending alien invasion which will wipe out the human race.

Revolution Season 1 - Blu-ray and DVD and Ultraviolet: 15 years after the power goes out, how is civilisation doing? Excellent dystopian SF series.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes: Excellent movie. You do not need to be familiar with the franchise to appreciate it.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes - Vincent s review: An excellent prequel to a bad remake of a great original.

Robot Combat League - Space Tuesdays 10 p.m.: Robot Wars meets Rock Em Sock Em Robots in way cool show.

Robot Jox: Robot Jox is a morality play - an anti-war movie playing with cold war themes and pacifist philosophy in kind of a Sam Peckinpah Straw Dogs sort of way.

Serenity: Joss Whedon created one of the smartest science fiction series in history when he launched Firefly to an unreceptive public.

Sinbad Of The Seven Seas: It's silly, mindless and starring Lou Ferrigno

Six - The Mark Unleashed: Dystopian Christian science-fiction, awful even for that genre.

Soldier: After being defeated and left for dead by his genetically engineered replacements, Sergeant Todd must save a peaceful community from destruction by the same soldiers.

Soldier Blu-ray: Specially created soldier becomes obsolete until commune needs his skills.

Source Code: Army helicopter pilot Colter Stevens finds himself in the body of another man just before a train is blown up. He has to find the bomb and save the train. It is much better than this little synopsis sounds.

Soylent Green Blu-ray: Classic 70s dystopian science fiction now on Blu-ray but nothing new.

Species: Babe from outer space looking for bf to mate.

Species: Clothing minimalist babe/alien tries to mate before gov't agents get her. Great creature feature.

Star Trek: A superb prequel to the legendary science fiction series of 1966-68

Stardust: Guy get shooting star for girl, guy finds shooting star, guy is in cool fantasy movie DVD

Stargate Atlantis - Season 5 Final Season: Final season DVD set of oft spinned-off science fiction show.

Stargate Atlantis - The Complete First Season.: A successful spin off of the long running Stargate SG-1 series.

Stargate Atlantis Fans' Choice Blu-ray: Pilot and final episode on one disc with nothing in terms of special features

Stargate Atlantis Season 2 Complete Series Collectionn: Very good science fiction TV series now as 26 DVD set

Stargate Atlantis The Complete Series - Season 3: Series starting to wear a bit thin but still fun to watch.

Stargate Atlantis The Complete Series Collection: Very good DVD set of fun science fiction series but a bit underwhelming in packaging.

Stargate SG1 - Children of the Gods: New improved version of the pilot episode for Stargate SG1

Stargate Universe - SGU - The Final Season - Season 2: Meh

Stargate Universe - The Complete First Season: Very good Stargate spinoff but much darker. 20 episodes 6 DVD set

Stargate Universe SGU 1.5: Very good Stargate spinoff 10 episodes 3 DVD

Starship Troopers: In a time when humanity is under threat of extinction only the best and brightest can rescue us - want to learn more?

Starship Troopers 2: Starship Troopers 2 is an indirect sequel to the original Starship Troopers that went straight to video.

Stranded - Space Wednesdays at 10 starting Feb. 27th: Another haunted place show with no ghosts.

Super 8: While filming at a train station a group of middle school students accidentally record the wreck of a military train.

Superman: Doomsday: The animated version of one of the most successful Superman graphic novels ever.

Survivors The Complete Seasons One and Two - BBC: A plague wipes out the planet and a group of UK survivors try to cope.

Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 1: Set in 2007, Sarah Connor and John fight Skynet to pre-empt the Terminators. Good series

Terminator - The Sarah Conor Chronicles Season 2 Blu-ray: Way cool but short lived. 22 episodes on 4 discs

Terminator Salvation The Machinima Series: Decent enough 6 13-minute episode Terminator story done as RPG shooter game.

The Box Blu-ray and DVD Special Edition: Stuff happens over 2 boring hours with no resolution.

The Curse of the Shaman: A spur of the moment curse effects the lives of two closely knit families.

The Day That Panicked America:

The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951) - 2-Disc Special Edition: Classic science fiction movie is still great: Give peace a chance, or else.

The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951) Blu-ray: SF classic reissued in time for the Keany Reeves / Jennifer Connelly remake.

The Day The Earth Stood Still 2008: Remake of a classic science fiction movie is not as good but not that bad.

The Day the Earth Stood Still Blu-ray 3-Disc Special Edition: 2008 and 1951 version of the movie both on Blu-ray with digital copy. A good bang for your science-fiction buck.

The End Of August At The Hotel Ozone: Winner of first prize at the Trieste International Festival of Science Fiction Films and was an official selection at the Cannes International Film Festival and it is easy to see why.

The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy: Based on Douglas Adams' worldwide best-selling novel

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: First installment of a thin tome turned into an 8-hour or more feature

The Last Sentinel: Very good action-packed humans versus the drones science fiction DVD

The Librarians - Premieres Space Dec 7th 8 PM: A special librarian and his sidekicks try to save magic and the world from various baddies.

The Life After Death Project: Did sci-fi guru contact friends after his death? This documentary says yes.

The Matrix 10th Anniversary Blu-ray: Classic science fiction movie looks great on Blu-ray

The Matrix Blu-ray: Classic science fiction looks great on Blu-ray

The Running Man: A wrongly-convicted man must try to survive a public execution gauntlet staged as a TV game show.

The Secret Circle - Space - Wednesdays 9 p.m.: Witchcraft meets Vampire Diaries

The War of the Worlds: H.G. Well's classic novel is brought to life is this tale of alien invasion.

The Water Horse: Legend Of The Deep: A boy discovers an unusual egg while beachcombing

The Women of Doctor Who - Space Channel Aug. 11th 9 p.m.: The title explains it very nicely

Torchwood - Children of Earth aka Season 3: Excellent 5 part episode most certainly worth watching

Torchwood - The Complete Second Season: 13 episodes 5 DVDs kicks ass

Tuck Everlasting: A family of immortals is stalked by a man in a yellow suit who seeks their secret.

Under Pressure: A psychology and electronics expert goes undercover on a submarine to find out why submariners are having breakdowns.

Underworld: Evolution: A continuation of Underworld - Lycans v Vampires

Utopia - Space Thurdays 10 p.m. - 6 episodes: Dystopic and very stylish British series.

V For Vendetta: The futuristic tale unfolds in a Great Britain that's a fascist state.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - Season 4 Vol.1: Star Trek under water. Show looks pristine on HDTV

War of the Worlds - Tom Cruise: Purely a rental.

Wetware: The boppers have come up with a plan to create meatbots but it is a plan that could destroy humans and robots alike.

Wild Palms: David Lynch's bizarre vision crashes into Oliver Stone conspiracy theories in Wild Palms' world of virtual reality.

Wizards 35th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray - Jean Guerin Review: You may have to recreate a certain blood chemistry to see what the cultists see in this Ralph Bakshi animation.

X Files - Fight The Future - Blu-ray: Fight the Future takes place at a strong time during the writing and direction of the X-Files series and is the beneficiary of a strongly forged mytharc that was well understood by the fan base

X-Files: I Want To Believe: A less than stellar X-Files monster of the week cinematic release. A little too long, a little pedestrian. Would have been a good made for T.V. or straight to video release.

Stephen R. Donaldson - Runes Of the Earth: A return to the Land and the chronicles of Thomas Covenant as Linden Avery returns to the Land to save her son who has been kidnapped by Lord Foul.

Robert Heinlein - Friday: A consummate story teller's less than stellar story.

Helsing - Hellsing Ultimate Vol. 1: The Hellsing foundation has a mission to rid the world of vampires and ghouls and they have a secret weapon - Arucard a red cloaked vampire

Jack Mc Devitt - Chindi: Jack McDevitt's hard SF novel Chindi both satisfies and examines this sense of wonder, which inspires not only SF readers and writers, but every explorer and scientist who seeks to understand the universe.

Anne McCaffrey - Crystal Singer: Imagine training all your life for a single purpose and then discovering you cannot pursue that dream.

Anne McCaffrey - Dragonflight: When thread threaten Dragonriders take to the sky.

Philip Palmer - Debatable Space: When a group of pirates kidnap the Cheo's daughter they soon realize they have bitten off more than they could chew.

Michael L. Wentz - Resurrection Of Liberty: An excellent first novel perfect for fans of classic science fiction.