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12 Rounds: An action movie about revenge, challenges, and action.

2012 Zombie Apocalypse:

300 Blu-ray - The Complete Experience: Modern version of Hercules and Sinbad movies rocks on Blu-ray

300 Blu-ray The Complete Experience: Great action movie that really tests the limits of Blu-ray

A History Of Violence Blu-ray: Very good Cronenberg thriller on Blu-ray

A Perfect World Blu-ray: Very good Clint Eastwood - Kevin Costner collaboration about con on the lam with Casper the Friendly Ghose

Alcatraz - Pilot - CITY TV Jan 16th 8 p.m.: Alcaztraz convicts disappear in 1963 and reappear 49 years later but why

All-Star Superman Blu-ray DVD Combo: Fun animated Superman where he is dying (again) and reveals the truth to Lois Lane

Angel of Death: Action DVD adaptation of graphic novel is pretty cool.

Arachnoquake! Space June 23rd 9PM: Earthquake in Louisiana wakes up big ass spiders in low budget made for TV movie

Arena: Guy gets captured and forced to fight in internet gladiator style show.

Armored: The perfect armored car heist ... goes wrong in excellent flick.

Arrow - The Complete First Season Blu-ray DVD Ultraviolet: best adaptation of a comic book hero for the small screen which has ever taken place

Assassination Games - Jean-Claude Van Damme: gripping, violent and emotional

Atlantis - Premieres Oct. 12th 8:00 Space: Thge adventures of Jason, Hercules, and Pythagoras. Lots of fun.

Avatar: Visually stunning movie where foreign boy meets local girl and they play cowboys and indians.

Babylon A.D. - Vin Diesel: Vin Diesel must protect an innocent young girl from some baddies. Good kick ass action DVD

Bad Boys Blu-ray: Will Smith Martin Lawrence cop buddy action comedy looks great on Blu-ray

Band of Brothers Blu-ray: Blu-ray was invented for Band of Brothers

Batman Begins Blu-ray Steelbook: A new take on the Batman story. Decent enough

Batman The Dark Knight - Blu-ray TrueHD: The dark knight meets the Joker again in a great action Blu-ray disc

Batman Under the Red Hood Blu-ray: Very good animated Batman with great special features.

Battle of the Bulge - TCM Classic Movies DVD Set: Good if a bit bombastic World War II movie in very good 4 movie 2 DVD set

Battle: Los Angeles Blu-ray: Lots of action and stuff blowing up when aliens try to invade L.A.

Behind Enemy Lines - Colombia: Action heavy action movie with lots of explosions and so on. A testosterone feast.

Bigfoot - The Space Channel June 30th 9 PM:

Bitch Slap Unrated: Absolutely great and fun to watch action flick B-movie style

Black Widow and Punisher - Avengers Confidential: Fun if you enjoy this franchise.

Bloodsport: Kung Fu expert Jean-Claude Van Damme plays a martial arts master who arrives in Hong Kong to compete in the Kumite, a violent championship fighting contest

Blue Thunder Blu-ray: LAPD chopper pilot uncovers conspiracy and gets into dogfights in cool action movie.

Bobby Z: Good action movie DVD with a pretty original story.

Bond - Licence To Kill - Timothy Dalton: Very generic movie not worthy of the James Bond franchise

Bond - Quantum of Solace - Daniel Craig: Decent Bond DVD if you have seen the previous Bond.

Bonnie & Clyde: Very good 2-part A&E series

Chronicle Blu-ray DVD: Way cool and very enjoyable teen action movie with an SF touch

Cliffhanger Blu-ray: Two he-man mountain rescuers must also rescue themselves after botched heist.

Clint Eastwood - Dirty Harry Blu-ray: First and best in the Dirty Harry series with loads of special features

Cohen & Tate - MGM Limited Edition Collection: Two hit men must bring young boy to Houston Mob boss but boy plays them against each other.

Cold Comes the Night: Solid thriller starring Breaking Bad s Bryan Cranston

Colombiana: Very good, quick-paced action flick much better than trailer suggests

Cops - Wildest Chases: Bad boys bad boys whacha gonna do? Fun 7 episode DVD

Crank: You have been poisoned and if your heart rate drops below a certain level you will die. How do you keep it togther and find your killer?

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Blu-ray: Classic chop sockie movie

Daredevil - Fox Marvel Heroes Box Set: The lesser of the Marvel comic book silver screen adaptations

Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King: A great adaptation of The Ring of the Niebelungs.

Dinoshark - Space August 18th 6 p.m.: Big ass Jaws, small ass budget

Doc Savage Man of Bronze Warner Archives Collection: Camp adaptation of thirties pulp novel series by Kenneth Robeson

Elektra - Fox Marvel Heroes Box Set: Spin-off from Daredevil and just slightly better Marvel comics adaptation

Elektra Blu-ray - Jennifer Garner: Jennifer Garner, sometimes in a skin tight red outfit, battles martial art evil.

Exploding Sun - Space - June 10th and 17th 9 p.m.: Enjoyably bad two part made for TV movie.

Fantastic 4 - Fox Marvel Heroes Box Set: Solid Marvel comics big screen adaptation

Fantastic 4 Rise of the Silver Surfer - Fox Marvel Heroes Box Set: Second movie in this Marvel comics franchise, good stuff

Fantastic Four - Volume 3: 4 episodes of the 2007 version of this Marvel Comic cartoon

Fast And Furious: Toretto and O'Conner team up again to pursue their own brands of justice seeking out the killer of one of Toretto's former race team members.

First Blood: John Rambo is a disoriented Vietnam Vet. He is hitchhiking from town to town to see friends from the war. A sheriff tries to make him leave town and when he refuses, arrests him for vagrancy.

Full Metal Jacket Blu-ray 25th Anniversary Edition: A Stanley Kubrick classic and one of his least pompous films

George and the Dragon: A really fun to watch action comedy the whole family can enjoy. Lots of action, no blood and guts.

Ghost Rider: Another Marvel Comics based movie. Not bad at all.

Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance: Excellent sequel to the original action flick with Nicholas Cage

Ghost Shark - Space Saturday Aug. 24 10 p.m. MUST SEE: Ghost shark finds some very original places to show up and get its victims. Very entertaining and much better acting than usual

Goodfellas 20th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray: Classic and superb Martin Scorsese crime movie with Joe Pesci, Ray Liotta, Robert De Niro.

Green Lantern Blu-ray DVD Digital Copy Combo: Funand faithful enough to myth arc.

Green Lantern First Flight Blu-ray: Hal Jordan becomes the Green Lantern in very good cartoon.

Guns Of Navarone The Collector's Edition: A classic war movie and a realy, genuine collector's edition with lots and lots of goodies that will make a fan happy.

Heat Blu-ray Steelbook: Great action movie with De Niro and Pacino

Hero Wanted: Hero gets into difficult situation and goes after bad guys. Could have been directed by Allan Smithee

Hitman: A hitman executes a job only to discover he is being double crossed by the same people who hired him.

Hitman - Richard's Review: Great action movie and who cares if it is based on a computer game.

Human Target Blu-ray - Season One: Excellent show with lots of action and good stories.

In The Name of the King 2 - Two Worlds: So bad it is almost amusing

Iron Man - Marvel Animated Series: Cool if a bit too much bot oriented 12 episodes 2 DVD

James Bond - Never Say Never Again: Connery's last turn as Bond in Thunderball remake.

Jason and the Argonauts Blu-ray - Ray Harryhausen: Classic stop-motion and live action movie looks much better on Blu-ray

Jersey Shore Shark Attack - Space Channel June 9th 9 PM: Title says it all. Good low budget comic monster movie.

Justice League - New Frontier: Set in the fifties. Super heroes unite against evil.

Justified The Complete Fifth Season: Penultimate season of very good western style cop show.

Kelly's Heroes Blu-ray Clint Eastwood: Very good second generation war movie about a fortune in gold behind enemy likes. Clint Eastwood and Telly Savalas star.

Knight and Day - Action Comedy: Very enjoyable movie even if it includes Tom yech Cruise

Kung Fu Panda - Jack Black / Jackie Chan: Great DreamWorks DVD. Voices by Jackie Chan, Jack Black, Lucy Liu

Last Action Hero Blu-ray: Action movie that pokes fun at the genre at the same time.

Lethal Weapon Blu-ray: Not especially different on Blu-ray cop action buddy movie

Letters From Iwo Jima: Very good, original war movie DVD far superior to Flags of Our Fathers

Live Free or Die Hard: Number four in the Die Hard series and perhaps the best one yet.

Love Lies Bleeding: Straight to DVD.

Machete Blu-ray: Very good over the top violent action movie

Mom Reviewed - Percy Jackson & the Olympians The Lightning Thief: Mom and her kids loooooved this DVD but parental guidance is needed

Nikita The Complete First Season Blu-ray: Very good new TV series take on Nikita character.

NYC: Tornado Terror - Space Nov. 21st 9:00: Good made for TV disaster movie.

Once Upon A time In America: Sergio Leone tells the American gangster story.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians Blu-ray DVD set: Excellent family movie but not for the wee ones.

Pistol Whipped - Steven Seagal: Good guy Steven Seagan becomes bad guy to pay back gambling debt. Canhe keep it up?

Predator Blu-ray - Ultimate Hunter Edition: Superb Blu-ray action creature feature digitally improved for the most part.

Predators: Excellent action movie.

Red Siren / La sirene rouge: Very minor action movie with a minor role for Asia Argento. Read the book instead.

Revenge For Jolly!: Tarantino knockoff

Rise of the Zombies - Space October 27th 10 P.M.: Excellent made for TV by The Asylum movie.

Robin Hood Season 2 - Robin Hood The Complete Series: Quite good but not quite as good as season 1

RoboCop Blu-ray - The RoboCop Trilogy: Good movie, bad Blu-ray

RocknRolla Blu-ray - A Guy Ritchie Film: Good British gangster movie.

Rocky - The Undisputed Collection Blu-ray: Only way to get some of the Rocky movies on Blu-ray is this box set.

Rocky II - Rocky The Undisputed Collection Blu-ray: Apollo Creed vs. Rocky in good sequel to great movie

Rocky III Blu-ray - Rocky The Undisputed Collection: Where the Rocky franchise hits the canvas.

S.I.S. Special Investigation Section: Pilot episode for TV action series that did not make it.

Salt Blu-ray: This action thriller is a keeper.

Shaft Blu-ray: Who s the private dick that s a sex machine to all the chicks? Shaft!

Sharknado: Quote from the movie: I m not just going to stand here and let sharks rain down on us!

Sharlene vs Europe - Tuesdays 6:30:

Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows Blu-ray: Excellent second adventure with Robert Downey Jr.

Sinbad - Premieres July 8th 7 PM The Space Channel: Excellent British series

Sons Of Anarchy - Season 1: Excelent biker drama and soap opera

Sons of Anarchy Season 2: Very good and violent bikerdrama with a bit of Hamlet

Spider-Man 3: Third Spider-Man DVD, a bit long but still cool.

Spiderman 3: Installment 3 in the Spiderman franchise finds Spiderman dealing with an alien symbiont that first ruins his private life then tries to kill him. Add to the mix the escape from prison by the man who killed his uncle and you have a box office smash.

Stalingrad (2014): Good war movie but CGI makes it look like a computer shooter game at times.

Starship Troopers Invasion: 4th in the franchise. Decent but not great motion capture animation.

Street Kings 2 Blu-ray DVD combo: Pretty good cop action movie with Ray Liotta has a couple of original twists.

Sucker Punch Blu-ray DVD Steelbox: Very good live action with video game feel movie.

Sudden Impact Blu-ray - Dirty Harry: Fourth Dirty Harry movie is considered best of the five sequels.

Superman Batman Public Enemies Blu-ray: Superman and Batman become wanted men in decent enough cartoon with 3 hours of special features.

Surrogates: Very good speculative fiction thriller with some action scenes.

Teen Wolf Season One: Very good teen werewolf series.

Terminator Blu-ray Book: Classic SF looks great on Blu-ray

Terminator Salvation Blu-ray: Pretty decent but more an action movie than a Terminator movie.

The A-Team: Eighties TV becomes cool action movie

The A-Team: Hannibal, B.A. and the rest of the A-Team are back kicking ass.

The Adjustment Bureau: David Norris is on his way to the presidency when he meets a girl who changes his life and then his understanding of the world changes.

The Almighty Johnsons - The Space Channel Mondays 9 PM: Promising New Zealand fantasy series about Norse gods.

The Beast - The Complete First Season Patrick Swayze: FBI agent Patrick Swayze teaches rookie partner the ropes in excellent but short-lived series.

The Border - Season One: Very good border cops versus bad guys Canadian TV drama.

The Bourne Ultimatum: Jason Bourne restarts his search for his identity when he discovers a series of articles by a British journalist which deal specifically with him.

The Bridge On The River Kwai Blu-ray Collector s Edition: Classic David Lean war epic superb on Blu-ray

The Disco Exorcist: he Disco Exorcist is just cheesier, cheaper and laughable to the point of no longer being funny.- or even remotely entertaining.

The Enforcer Blu-ray - Dirty Harry: Third Dirty Harry movie is not the best but packaged with Sudden Impact is a good twofer.

The Following - The Complete First Season Blu-ray DVD combo: Former FBI agent must stop nemesis serial killer and his followers in excellent though gory TV thriller series.

The Forbidden Kingdom - Jackie Chan / Jet Li: Only good for Jackie Chan Jet Li fans

The Green Hornet Blu-ray: Fun enough with cool toys and great final chase

The Karate Kid: A remake of the classic Karate Kid without much punch but a great performance by Jackie Chan

The Karate Kid (2010) Blu-ray DVD Combo: A remake that does not blow. Go figure.

The Lethal Weapon Collection Blu-ray - 5 Discs: Great buddy - cop action movies with comic overtones

The Marine 2: Your basic action movie with stuff blowing up

The Monuments Men: Good if very episodic war movie.

The Mummy - Tomb of the Dragon Emperor: Third Mummy movie DVD is also quite good.

The Red Baron - Available June 1st 2010: Good biopic about WW I flying ace

The Science of Doctor Who - The Space Channel Aug. 4th 9 PM: A very interesting look at science versus SF in a Doctor Who context.

The Seeker - The Dark Is Rising: Pretty good kid versus evil fantasy movie

The Shepherd - Border Patrol - Jean-Claude Van Damme: Kick-ass movie

The Spectacular Spider-Man - The Complete First Season: Cool cartoon series of the web slinger.

The Spectacular Spider-Man Volume 2: 3 Spider-man cartoons with some good villains

The Spectacular Spider-Man Volume 3: 3 new version spiderman cartoons.

The Spectacular Spider-Man Volume 4: 4 good cartoons from the new Spider-Man series

The Tourist: Ho hum thriller with Angelina Jolie and Johny Depp

The Town Blu-ray DVD Combo: Bank robbery movie with romantic twist.

The Usual Suspects Blu-ray Book: Very good somewhat complex Blu-ray thriller but not special features

The Warriors: A gang travels cross town for an all gangs meeting under a general truce. When the truth is called off they have to fight their way back home.

This Means War - Reese Witherspoon: Spy vs. spy in fun enough romcom action combo.

Three Kings Blu-ray: Modern, more graphic Kelly s Heroes variation

Tremors: Excellent low budget creature feature about big snakes in the desert.

Twister - Blu-ray: Blu-ray release of classic tornado movie. Sound and special effects kick ass.

Unstoppable: An engineer and a conductor attempt to stop a run away train carrying toxic chemicals before it hits a populated area.

Unstoppable Blu-ray: Very enjoyable action flick about runaway train

Untraceable: Internet site where the more hits it gets, the faster the victim dies. Action, horror, thriller, everything

Walking Tall The Payback: Better than the remake version with the Rock

War Dogs - Blu-Ray and Digital HD: War Dogs is the story of how two Americans found a loophole in how the Pentagon got its weapons and built a million-dollar empire from that loophole.

Where Eagles Dare Blu-ray - Warner Action Double Feature: Decent war movie dual VBlu-ray package with Kelly's Heroes

Wonder Woman - Blu-ray DVD and Digital: Whatever positive things you heard about Wonder Woman were understated. This is an action movie that redefines what you can do with the genre and raises the bar.

Wonder Woman - DC Universe Animated Movie: 74 minute cartoon featuring a lot of "men are scum" moments

X-Files I Want To Believe Extended Edition DVD: Good creepy thriller even for non fans of the X-Files series

X-Men - Fox Marvel Heroes Box Set: First in the series. Really good.

X-Men - Marvel Animated Series: 2 DVD 12 episodes anime version quite cool

X-Men First Class: Entertaining origins movie needed stronger narrative line

X-Men Origins: Wolverine: LOts of action and stuff blowing up to explain the origins of X-Men's Wolverine

Jackie Chan - The Myth: When Jack starts dreaming that he is an ancient Chinese general little does he know that it will result in finding the love of his life.

Jack Du Brul - Vulcan's Forge: Geologist Philip Mercer gets a mysterious telegram warning him to avoid working on a ship that has already been sunk. Before long the fate of the United States depends on Mercer's ability to deal with a myriad of international crises.

Liam Neeson - Unknown: A biologist heading to a prestigious conference in Berlin awakens to find he has been replaced in his life by someone else.

Andy Remic - Quake: The secret organization known as SPIRAL exists to fight a shadow war against fanatics and rogue states of every political persuasion.

Andy Remic - Spiral: When the governments of the world need military help and support there is only one place they can go - Sprial - and Spiral calls on Carter.

Jason Statham - Death Race: a retelling of Death Race 2000 starring Jason Statham and Joan Allen. http://www.deathracemovie.net/

Jean-Claude Van Damme - The Shepherd: Border Patrol: A New Orleans police officer becomes a border patrol officer to help fight the heroin trade.

F. Paul Wilson - Hosts: