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100 Years of the Montreal Canadiens: Best Christmas present ever for Canadiens fan

100 Years of the Montreal Canadiens DVD set: Brilliant history of the greatest hockey team on earth. Leafs suck.

102 Minutes That Changed The World - CBC Newsworld 09-13-09 10 P.M.: Montage of amateur 911 footage tells the story without commentary.

9-11 Conspiracy Files: The Third Tower - CBC Newsworld Sept 7th and 11th 1009 10 P.M.: As conspiracy theory documentary films go, this one is excellent.

A Murder of Crows - CBC TV October 11th 2009 9:00: Excellent documentary on nature's smartest bird

ADD & Loving It - Global TV Sept 18th 2009 8 P.M.: Excellent and really fun to watch documentary on ADD / ADHD

Addicted to Plastic - CBC Newsworld 01/05/09 10 P.M.: Absolutely great documentary on how plastic does not go anywhere, ever.

Africa on the Move - CBC June 3rd and 10th - CBC News Network June 6th and 13th: 4 documentary series focusing on Africans trying to change Africa in various ways.

Africa on the Move The Modern Warrior - CBC TV June 10th and CBC News Network June 13th: 3rd of 4 documentary films in uneven but good series.

After Circus - Documentary Channel June 12th 9 pm: After Circus looks at what happens to circus people when and after they retire. An excellent documentary.

Aliens - The Definitive Guide - Discovery Canada June 2nd 8:00: Fun enough but not particularly interesting

American Savannah - CBC The Nature of Things 06/13/2009: Interesting Nature of Things documentary on lawns

An Inconvenient Truth: CO2 is changing the world and not in a good way.

Annie Leibovitz - Life Through A Lens: Interesting, honest, though somewhat superficial documentary about Rolling Stone photographer.

As Goes Janesville: As seen on PBS Independent Lens and 88-minute version

Battle For A Continent - CBC Doc Zone 09-10-09: Decent documentary.

BBC - Hammerhead: Decent but not BBC at its best.

BBC Documentary - Wild Pacific: Decent enough 6 episode documentary DVD set.

BBC Earth: Great White Shark: A Living Legend: Yet another gorgeous BBC documentary featuring man swimming with great white sharks.

BBC Planet Earth - Volume 2: Visually wonderful 3 documentary DVD on Deserts, Caves, and Icy Worlds but little new in terms of information.

BBC Planet Earth Volume 1: Stunning footage, great narration, great series.

Black Watch Snipers - History Channel Nov 11th 9:00: I enjoy a good documentary. I really love documentaries about WWII. Black Watch Snipers left me ecstatic. Filmmaker Robin Bicknell blends the on-camera testimony of four 90-something Black Watch veterans with filmed recreations of the events.

Blue Jean Confidential CBC Newsworld June 28 2008 8 P.M.: Everything you've ever wanted to know about blue jeans

Bomber Boys - Discovery World May 5th 8 p.m.:

Bottled Up: The Battle Over Dublin Dr. Pepper: Good if somewhat messy documentary about David vs. Goliath in the Dr. Pepper world.

Bottom of the Ninth: Very interesting and well-made baseball documentary.

Buried At Sea and Radiant City - The Passionate Eye April 5th and 6th 2008: 2 CBC documentaries. 1 awful, 1 good (and unwittingly hilarious if you live in the burbs)

Buried At Sea - CBC The Passionate Eye June 22 2008 10:00: Documentary about the chemicals and weapons dumped in the oceans after WW II. Should have included this bad NFB film

By the People - The Election of Barack Obama: OKay but does not quite capture the magic

CBC Doc Zone - Malls R Us Aug 20th 2009 8 P.M.: An incomplete look at the mall past and present.

CBC Doc Zone - The Spies Who Came in from the Sea - Aug. 20th 2009 9 P.M.: An interesting documentary on German spies in Canada during WW II

Chisholm '72 - Unbought and Unbossed: Very good documentary DVD about the first woman and first Black candidate for the American presidency

Comic Books Go To War - CBC January 27th 10 P.M.: Very good documentary that perhaps focuses on too many graphic novelists.

Conspiracy Files: Lockerbie - CBC Newsworld Sept 14th 2009 10 P.M.: Not much of a conspiracy theory really.

Darwin's Nightmare: A frightening look at what happens to an economy when there is only one product to bring to market and that product is also destroying the lives of those around it.

Deluged By Data CBC Doc Zone March 12 9 pm: A scary documentary on we are addicted to the data on the internet and how much we contribute to it.

Dog Dazed - CBC Doc Zone March 21st 9 p.m.: Good documentary on the importance of dogs in our daily life

Dreams of Obama - CBC Newsworld 04/07/09 10 P.M.: Documentary on President Obama made just in time for inauguration.

Earth - The Biography:

Elvis Found Alive: It is fun but IT IS NOT TRUE

Every Little Step - The Journey of A Chorus Line: Behind the scenes documentary DVD for the revival of A Chorus Line

Famous Nathan: The story of Famous Nathan s creator as told by his grandson.

Food Inc. - CBC News Network April 11, 2010 10 P.M.: Excellent documentary on the origin of the food on your plate and who controls it.

Fuel - Joshua Tickell: Decent documentary on the fuel crisis and alternatives gets much better halfway in.

Game Over: Kasparov and the Machine: An in depth account of the Garry Kasparov v Big Blue match.

Ganges - BBC Natural History Collection Blu-ray Set: Excellent 3 episode documentary. Spectacular in Blu-ray

Gardening Confidential - CBC June 14, 2008: Even serious gardeners will be jealous of some of the stuff in this program

Gettysburg and Stories of Valor - Selections: 12 segments from this Best of Gettysburg and Stories of Valor Civil War DVD

Heckler - A Jamie Kennedy Production: 1/3 great documentary about hecklers and 2/3 decent film about reviewers and critics.

Hopper s Silence: Interesting but not particularly useful documentary.

Hunting the Last Hamilton Tiger - Documentary Channel Nvv. 4th 2009 8 P.M.: Very good documentary on the quest for an original hockey sweater.

Hyper Parents, Coddled Kids: A great documentary about how parents are the most dangerous factor in their kid's life.

I Am Dale Earnhardt: Excellent documentary about NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt with lots of special features

Imax Under The Sea Blu-ray: Series of 5 short underwater nature shows.

Jesus Politics: The Bible & The Ballot CBC Newsworld Oct 19 2008 10 P.M.: America was founded on the separation of church and state. This documentary shows it is not longer the case and why this is dangerous.

Jews and Baseball: An American Love Story: Excellent documentary on the topic

Kalahari - Africa episode 1 - Discovery World March 17th: Excellent even if narration if a bit choppy.

King Of Kong: A Fist Full Of Quarters: Who is the greatest Donkey Kong player in the world? It's not just getting to the kill screen it is scoring the most points before you get there that counts.

King Tut Unmasked - Discovery Nov 9th: The most recent research on how Tut died.

Knuckleball!: Excellent baseball documentary about one pitch.

Last Flight Home: The story of how the BentProp project finds out what happened to WW II MIAs. Very good documentary.

Laughology - Directed by Albert Nerenberg: Very entertaining and smart look at the importance of laughter.

Lee Atwater - King of Dirty Tricks CBC Newsworld 11/02/08: Lee Atwater created the Bush empire and Karl Rove. Florida 2000 was small potatoes for this guy

Losing Our Religion - documentary Channel Oct 15 9 pm: Superb and must see documentary on what happens when a pastor loses faith.

Love, Hate & Propaganda Part 1 CBC March 4th 2010: First of 6 part WW II documentary focusing on the role of propaganda and image making.

Love, Hate, and Propaganda part 5 CBC April 1st 2010: Part 5 of 6 excellent documentary on the use of propaganda during WW II

Mad About English - CBC Newsworld July 7th 2008 10 P.M.: It seems everybody in China is learning English. An excellent documentary in The Passionate Eye series

Madagascar Blu-ray - BBC Earth: Excellent 3 episode BBC documentary

Manufacturing Dissent: Uncovering Michael Moore DVD:

Marilyn: The Last Sessions - CBC Newsworld February 15, 2009:

Meet The Sloths - Premieres Nov 23rd Animal Planet: 8 part series on a sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica.

Mine: What happened to the pets after Katrina? This very good documentary tells the story.

Moguls & Movie Stars - A History of Hollywood 1: Excellent 7 episode 3 DVD documentary on Hollywood

Moguls & Movie Stars -part 2: review of episodes 5 to 7 of this 3 DVD set

Mordecai Richler: The Last of the Wild Jews - Bravo! Dec. 19th and 25th: Interesting but not interesting enough

Most Astonishing Moments - CBC Newsworld Wild Docs! 01/07/09 10 P.M.: The weirdest, wildest National Geographic footage compilation.

Murneau, Borzage and Fox - Murneau, Borzage and Fox Collection: Excellent feature length documentary on Wiliam Fox and two of Fox Studio's greatest directors.

National Geographic: Six Degrees Could Change the World: Alec Baldwin narrates this National Geographic special explaining how temperature increases changes the way in which the weather of the world is changing.

Out of Mind, Out of Sight: NFB documentary about patient judged not criminally responsible making a recovery and the hospital he is at.

Pearl Harbor: The Accused - HBO Canada Dec. 5th 9 pm: If you are a WWII history buff, you must set aside December 5th and tune in to HBO Canada at 9 pm for the 90-minute documentary Pearl Harbor: The Accused.

Project X - Heat CBC March 26, 2008: Entertaining and great looking science show, this one on heat.

Project X - Light: Cool and hip science show, this time about light.

Public Enemies - The Golden Age of the Gangster Film: Excellent DVD documentary on the American gangster film genre.

Quebec Under The Influence / Quebec Sous Ordonnance: Pharmaceutical companies are evil and it takes this DVD 90 minutes to tell you that.

Radiant City - CBC Newsworld The Passionate Eye April 6th 2008: The tale of what is wrong with the burbs.

Raw Milk Crusader - Michael Schmidt - Newsworld 10/28/08 10 P.M.: Excellent and well-made documentary that debates how natural is natural.

Relativity CBC Newsworld April 29 2008: A documentary about an adopted woman's many questions about herself, her families, and life.

Robert Downey Jr. - The Biography Channel June 5 2008 8:00: Rather weak biography of Robert Downey Jr. Not the best in the series.

School of Secrets - The Passionate Eye April 8th 2008 10:00 P.M.: What happened in the B.C. Quest program run by teacher Tom Ellison

Secret Origin - The Story of DC Comics: A must for any comic book and graphic novel fan.Superb documentary.

Seven Wonders Of The Industrial World: Fascinating, Biography style programs.

Silent Wings - The American Glider Pilots of WWII: Great WWII documentary on the forgotten role of gliders and their pilots.

Sneaker Confidential - CBC Documentary: There's nothing sneaky about the sneaker.

Spaceman A Baseball Odyssey: Interviews with Bill Lee during a trip to Cuba interspersed with archive footage of his career

Standard Operating Procedure - Errol Morris: Disappointing documentary DVD about the Abu Ghraib scandal

Ted Bundy Biography! - The Biography Channel June 26 2008 8 P.M.: Republican becomes serial killer.

The 11th Hour: Leonardo diCaprio hosts this intellectually challenging and informative documentary about the problems facing our environment.

The Age of Anxiety - CBC March 15th 9 P.M.: Is anxiety real, overdiagnosed, or the result of drug company advertising?

The Allergy Fix - CBC Feb 27th 7 p.m.: Very good Nature of Things program on why allergies are increasing.

The Beetles Are Coming - CBC April 4th: Very good documentary

The Brothers Warner: Very good documentary about Warner Brothers.

The Bush Years - CBC Newsworld 07/05/09 10 P.M.: Terence McKenna documentary on 8 years of Bush league administration.

The Captains - A William Shatner Film - The Movie Network and Movie Central October 2011: Shatner interviews the Star Trek captains in excellent documentary

The Complete History of the San Francisco 49ers: NFL Films presents the complete history of the San Francisco 49ers.

The Complete History of the Wisconsin Badgers: The history of the Badgers football team with surprisingly little Ron Dayne.

The Death of Andy Kaufman: Ordinary documentary on supposed fake death.

The Eastwood Factor - 35 Years 35 Films at Warner Brothers: Very good documentary DVD about and with Clint Eastwood with many spoilers.

The Google Boys - The Biography Channel June 9 2008 8:00 P.M.: The story of Google, a little sugary but interesting.

The Grange Fair: An American Tradition: Entertaining documentary DVD about annual farming event. Fascinating.

The Great Chicken Wing Hunt: Bunch of folks decide to find the Best Buffalo chicken wing in the U.S

The Great Gatsby - Midnight in Manhattan BBC Documentary: Very good documentary on F. Scott Fitzgerald and The Great Gatsby

The Great Wild Indoors - Feb 9th at 9 pm:

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold Blu-ray: Documentary soon becomes about itself and not about advertising in movies

The Mad, The Bad & The Ugly - CBC Newsworld: Another look at drivers and cars. Nothing new.

The Mars Underground CBC Newsworld July 19 10 P.M.:

The Mystery of Mazo de la Roche - Bravo! June 15th 10 PM: NFB documentary about Canada s most successful and most forgotten author.

The Mystery of the Floating Feet CBC Newsworld November 2nd and 8th: Procedural documentary about the severed right feet found on the west coast of Canada.

The Nature of Existence: Superb documentary asking the big questions about life, the universe, and everything.

The New Americans: Fascinating 6 hour 2 DVD documentary follows the life of various people as the come to America.

The Oakland Raiders - The Complete History: The complete history - except for the bad stuff- of the Oakland Raiders in the NFL. A homers documentary.

The Red Thread - Omni 2 June 17th 9 PM and others: A look at two adopted girls, one in China and the other in Toronto. Interesting.

The Secret World of Shoplifting - CBC 12-03-09 8 P.M.: Very good documentary as the title says though too American in focus.

The Story of Rock N Roll Comics: The story of comic book publisher Todd Lauren and Revolutionary Comics

THe Taming of the Queue - Josh Freed: An excellent documentary on the psychology and history of standing in line.

The Volcano that Stopped the World - CBC May 16th 2010: Very good British made documentary on the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull

This Beat Goes On - Canadian Pop Music in the 70s PT 1 CBC August 27th 09 9 P.M: Absolute must see for any music fan.

This Beat Goes On Canadian Pop Music in the 70s CBC Sept 3rd 9 P.M.: Part 2 of a great documentary on Canadian Music

To The Arctic Blu-ray and 3D: a pretty show more than a documentary

Toughing It Out - CBC Newsworld June 7 2008: Is it the viewer or the drug addict who is toughing it out here?

Unlikely Treasures: Compulsive Collectors - CBC News March 31st 2010 10 P.M: Documentary looks at odd collectors

Unsung Heroes: The Story of America s Female Patriots:

Up The Yangtze: Award-winning documentary film on the Three Gorges Damn,the Yantze River, and the people affected by the flooding.

Vietnam The Ten Thousand Day War: Excellent documentary series 26 episodes 4 DVD

West Wind: The Vision of Tom Thomson - World Television Premiere Bravo! Oct. 7th 10 P.M.: Suberb and gorgeous documentary about Canadian painter.

When The Devil Knocks: Excellent multiple personality - Dissociative Identity Disorder documentary

When We Were Kings: A documentary about the Foreman - Ali rumble in the jungle.

Where Did I Put ... My Memory - Directed by Josh Freed: An excellent documentary on human memory, well worth a look.

Where In The World Is Osama Bin Laden?: Superb documentary unfortunately billed as a comedy.

Which Way Home - CBC January 24th 10 P.M.: Unbiased documentary follows kids as they try to cross the U.S. border

Who Killed The Electric Car: Someone killed the electric car. Was it big auto? Was it big oil? Was it big government? This documentary is an interesting exploration of the question.

Wild China - BBC High Definition Natural History Collection: Superb 6 episode 2 Blu-ray disc volume in superb nature documentary collection

Winning For A Living - CBC Documentary: Some contest winners are real losers.

Wired For Sex, Lies and Power Trips: It's a Teen's World: Documentary montage of three short films made by teens about the hypersexualization of teens.

Yellowstone Blu-ray: Winter, summer, and autumn in Yellowstone in decent enough documentary

You Only Live Twice : Second Life -CBC Newsworld 04/30/08: Great documentary about virtual world of Second Life and all it implies.

Young @ Heart: Great documentary about a senior citizens rock and punk singing choir