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Foreign Film

1,000 Times Good Night - Juliette Binoche: War photographer must choose between family and careeer.

Amour - Academy Award and Palme d Or winner: The story of an elderly couple where one falls seriously ill and the other must and chooses to care for the other no matter what.

Argentina - The Secret In Their Eyes Blu-ray: Absolutely superb mystery 2010 Academy Award winner.

Australia - Brand New Day Blu-ray: Fun musical comedy

Australia - Noise: Very strange movie about a policeman and a murder.

Austria - The Counterfeiters / Die Falscher: Jewish Counterfeiters stay alive during the Holocaust.

Belgium - Eldorado: Odd small time but interesting story in this foreign film from Belgium

Belgium - Illegal: Woman in detention center tries to outlast system to get back to her son.

Canada - The Auction - Le Demantelement: A farmer chooses to sell off the family farm to help one of his daughters.

Canada - Whole New Thing: Coming of age story in parts about a young boy's crush on his male teacher. Not as controversial as you might think.

Canada - Wilby Wonderful: Somewhat black comedy from Canada

Chad - Grisgris: Those who like foreign films because you get a look at how other people live and behave will enjoy this drama

China - CJ7: Very creepy kid's movie that parents will certainly object to.

China - On The Beat: Interesting cinema verite foreign film follows to Beijing beat cops.

China - The Drummer: Cocky young man must learn how not to drum to become a Zen drummer

Colombia - The Colors of the Mountain - Los Colores de la Montana: Subtle movie metaphorically about political conflict but about boy and his soccer ball.

Colombia Los colores de la montana - The Colors of the Mountain: de Carlos Cesar Arbelaez nos muestra la vida diaria de los campesinos de las regiones monta?osas de Colombia a trav?s de los ojos de un ni?o de nueve a?os.

Czech Republic - Protektor: WWII story about Jewish movie star and her radio voice husband.

Czechoslovakia - Who Wants to Kill Jessie?: Fun and weird Czech comedy

Denmark - Flame and Citron: Unfortunately messy but well-acted story of two Danes in the resistance.

England - Another Year Blu-ray and DVD Set: One of those quiet dramas the British do so well.

England - The Damned United: Very good Football movie about coach with big ego.

Film Movement Canada: Article about Film Movement in Canada

France - Free Men - Les Hommes Libres: Muslim copmmunity saves Jews in WWII Paris in rather flat movie.

France - Her Name Is Sabine / Son nom est Sabine - Documentary: Soul wrenching documentary about a woman's transformation due to mental illness.

France - La Petite Lili: Talky foreign film (France) about the important stuff they talk about.

France - La Rafle - The Round Up: Based on true events of the French raid on Jews in 1942

France - La Vache et le Prisonnier - Fernandel: POW escapes with the help of Marguerite the cow

France - Novo: Intriguing foreign film DVD from France about a man with a 10-minute memory. Probably a film about identity. Very European.

France - Queen of Hearts - La reine des pommes: Offbea, quirky, and entertaining French romantic comedy.

France - The Class - Entre les murs: Cinema verite style foreign film about a year in a French lycee.

France - The Grocer's Son / Le fils de l'epicier: Set in Provence, this foreign film DVD follows a man as he rediscovers himself driving the grocery store van.

France - Workers for the Good Lord / Les savates du bon dieu: Foreign film DVD for those who are somewhat patient

Germany - Eden: Germany - Great German movie about the power of food and other things

Germany - Sonja: Teenage girl is in love with her best friend. Ho hum. The friend is also a girl. Ho hum.

Germany - Storm: Procedural set around the crimes against humanity court in the Hague

Germany - The Wedding Party / Die Bluthochzeit: Interesting German DVD comedy veers into dark violence.

Germany - The White Ribbon: ponderous, purposefully opaque, and artsy fartsy:Everything you hate about foreign films.

Hungary - The Witman Boys / Witman Fiuk: Quite strange horror movie from Hungary where all of the horror is only suggested.

Israel - For My Father: Superb but hard to describe foreign film about Palestinian suicide bomber, Jewish girl, and Jewish shopkeeper

Israel - Off-White Lies: Decent enough coming of age movie. Hebrew with English subtitles

Israel - The Band's Visit: Egyptian band arrives in the wrong Israeli village. A sad yet subtle comic movie.

Italy - Agata and the Storm - Agata e la tempesta: Strange, comedic Italian movie

Italy - Come Undone: A cliche of what a foreign film is for some people: long and boring.

Japan - Who's Camus Anyway ?: Japanese movie about film students making a flick.

Lebanon - Under the Bombs: A great film is unique and universal. This is the case for this foreign film.

Mexico - Cinco dias sin Nora - Nora s Will:

Mexico - Erendira Ikikunari: This foreign film DVD is an absolute jewel and a must see.

Mexico - Lake Tahoe: Guy crashes his car and has difficult time getting it fixed in very unusual foreign film

Mexico - Nora s Will / Cinco dias sin Nora: Comedy about husband having to fulfill ex-wife s last wishes.

Mexico - The Violin: Superb movie about dignity and an old man and his violin.

Moebius: Weirdest movie ever. Mother cuts off son s penis after husband has an affair and that is the normal bit.

Netherlands - The Deflowering of Eva Van End: Banal to say the least.

Netherlands - Winter In Wartime Blu-ray DVD: Young boy gets involved in Dutch Resistance and must decide who to trust.

Norway Max Manus Man of War: Ordinary movie about Norway biggest World War II hero

Norway - Buddy: Pretty decent sort of slacker movie from Norway

Norway - O'Horten: Odd movie about a few days in a train engineer's life after his retirement

Norway - Troubled Water - DeUsynlige: Killer released from prison has to face victim's mother.

Poland - Demony Wojny / Demons of War: Great Polish war movie about a Polish peacekeeping unit in Bosnia.

Poland - Major Hubal: Little-known story of WW II Polish resistance.

Poland - The Saragossa Manuscript: Very very very strange foreign film for fans of exotic cinema

Scotland - Not Another Happy Ending: Fun romantic comedy, better than most but not perfect.

Slovenia - A Call Girl : Decent enough DVD where student pays her way with oldest profession.

Spain - I m So Excited - Almodovar: No, I am not.

Taiwan - Eternal Summer: What is the nature of friendship is explored in a romantic triangle.

U.K. - Amorous: Four twenty-somethings get together in the country to share their ennui with the viewer.

United States - Arranged: A Muslim and an orthodox Jewish teacher become good friends.

Uruguay - The Pope's Toilet / El bano del Papa: Villagers all plan to make a few pesos when the Pope visits. Charming and original foreign film DVD.

USA - Arcadia: Father takes his three kids on a cross country road trip but something else is going on. Good movie, lousy sound.

USA - Arranged: Two women bond over their arranged marriages. Almost a romantic comedy.