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12 Angry Men: Twelve ordinary men must decide the fate of another in this classic courtroom drama DVD

12 Men of Christmas: Decent enough chick comedy if there s not much else to do

127 Hours: Man goes hiking gets trapped in canyon with boulder on his arm. Something has to give and it is not going to be the boulder.

2011 Sony Pictures DVD Giveaway in our EASY contest:

2012: Earth gets destroyed real, real good in great disaster flick

2:37: 2:37 is a fascinating Australian high school drama.

42 - The Jackie Robinson Story Blu-ray - DVD Combo: Very good if a bit too Hollywood in some scenes.

5 Free Books to Mark Asian Heritage Month, Courtesy Hachette Book Group:

500 Days of Summer: Original romantic movie.

500 Days of Summer: An original, realistic, charming romantic movie. Must see.

A Christmas Carol: A faithful cinematic adaptation of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.

A Christmas Carol (1938) - TCM Greatest Classic Films: This Christmas Carol takes a few liberties with the original but is not bad.

A Christmas Carol with Alastair Sim: Everything A Christmas Carol fan could possibly want in a DVD set

A Dark Noel - Projekt Records Compilation: Dark wave Christmas CD.

A Dog Year: Well, a few months of it.

A Midsummer Night s Dream - Royal Shakespeare Company: Good quality DVD version.

A Miser Brothers' Christmas: Brothers must unite to save Christmas is pretty decent stop-motion animation DVD

A Muppet Christmas Carol Blu-ray: Very faithful adaptation of Charles Dickens classic with Michael Caine as Scrooge.

A Muppet Christmas Letters To Santa - The Comedy Network Dec 18th 5 p.m.: Great fun but lousy songs.

A Perfect Day - Christmas Movie: Writer gets visits from ghosts of Christmas style character and learns a life lesson.

A River Runs Through It - Blu-ray: Drama about two brothers growing up in early 1900s.

A Summer Place: the charm of the illicit romance of both couples conquering all depends on understanding the values of the time.

Accidentally Preserved Vol. 2: Great collection of 9 silent films and shorts with original music by Ben Model

Ace Ventura Pet Detective Jr.: Family DVD that doesn't bore or insult adult intelligence.

Against The Wall - Bravo! - Wednesdays at 9 p.m.: Single and thirtysomething woman makes Internal Affairs detective and her three cop brothers and cop father do not like the idea

Alice Faye Collection Volume 2 - Hollywood Cavalcade: Great drama about the early days of Hollywood with cameos by silent film stars

Aliens in the Attic: Excellent family movie DVD

All the President s Men Blu-ray: The story behind the Watergate journalists is a bit long.

All The President s Men Blu-ray Digibook: Excellent procedural but lots of minutiae

Ally Mc Beal The Complete Series and Season One: 32 DVD for 5 seasons, also available as Season One only.

Ally McBeal - The Complete First Season: Very odd and fun chick TV from late nineties

Amadeus Director's Cut Blu-ray: Great musical biography movie.

Amelia: a Spruce Goose: too heavy to fly.

American Pastime: Human drama about Japanese internment camps, baseball, jazz, and a haircut.

An Affair to Remember Blu-ray: Classic romantic drama with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr

An Education: Sixteen year old sixties London girl is seduced by older man. Good drama and chick flick DVD

Anna Karenina - TCM Greatest Classic Movies: Tolstoy classic with Greta Garbo

Arthur - Russell Brand - Blu-ray DVD Combo: Decent but not great remake of Dudley Moore classic

Astro Boy 2003 DVD 1: 2003 version of this Japanese manga on 5 DVD

August Rush: supposed to be about the magic of music but there are so many obvious mirrors and the smoke is so think that magic and the good performances all around get sucked into a black hole of disbelief.

Australia - DVD & Blu-ray: British rose Nicole Kidman falls for cowboy Hugh Jackman in this Australian epic and mish-mash of other genres

Baghead - Independent Film / Mumblecore: Independent film where the idea for the movie, a killer with a Baghead, becomes the movie. Or something like that.

Band of Brothers HBO - Blu-ray: Great and brilliant WW II HBO miniseries even better on Blu-ray

Barbra Streisand - All Night Long: Very very minor Streisand DVD and comedy.

Barbra Streisand - Up The Sandbox: Sort of feminist rant bargain bin Streisand DVD

Baseball - NPR Driveway Moments: Interesting collection of good if too short baseball stories.

BBC - Mistresses Volume One: Excellent chick TV for those who enjoyed Sex in the City and Desperate Housewives but better.

Beautiful Day - Elin Hilderbrand: an interesting, deeply insightful, often moving and sometimes funny nove

Being Erica - CBC Mondays 9 P.M. Starts 01/05/09: Cool dramady for chicks.

Being Ian - The Curse: Halloween timed Being Ian DVD has 3 episodes, 1 is a bit much for an eight year old, the other are fine.

Benny & Joon Blu-ray - Johny Depp: Odd romantic comedy with a bit of drama.

Berenstain Bears - Kindness, Caring & Sharing: 5 Berenstain Bears cartoons, a good family DVD

Bewitched The Complete Series - less than 16 cents per episode: This show is still very entertaining for the whole family.

Big Fan - Patton Oswalt: Superb movie about sports fandom.

Black Irish: A coming of age story about a boy slated to become a priest who really just wants to play baseball.

Black Swan: Neurotic ballet movie where Portman got Academy Award

Blood Simple Blu-ray: First Coen Brothers movie and superb thriller

Blood, Sweat and Tears - Autobiography: Excellent autobiography

Boardwalk Empire Season One Blu-ray: Prohibition era Atlantic City gangster drama.

Bobby Deerfield - Al Pacino: Looks like a racing movie, plays like a romantic drama

Bones Season 4 Blu-ray: Excellent and quirky forensic pathology mystery series

Bones The Complete Season 6 Blu-ray: Excellent crime TV show.

Boston Legal - Season Five: Very good comic legal drama gets a 12 episode sendoff.

Breaking Bad Season 3: Third season of excellent show about high school teacher meth cook

Breaking Bad Season 4: A truly engrossing season of a superb series.

Breaking Bad Season One: Very good TV drama about science teacher becoming meth cook.

Breaking Bad The Complete Second Season:

Broken English: Parker Posey DVD

Brood - Chase NOvak: Mutant kids try to live a normal life but their genes catch up in undeclared second novel of a trilogy.

Bugs Bunny s Howl-oween Special: Clumsy clip collage.

Bull Durham Blu-ray: Great baseball movie Blu-ray DVD combo pack.

Bust A Move - Six Decades of Dance Crazes: A how to dance book. Fun.

Call Me Bwana - MGM Limited Edition Collection: Fun Bob Hope comedy

Canada s Worst Driver - Discovery Canada starts Oct 29th: Title says it all. Fun show.

Care Bears - Grissle-ly Adventures: 2 Care Bears adventures. Family not impressed

Cats & Dogs Blu-ray: Cats try for world domination, dogs fight for right.

CBC -Shows for Preschoolers Fall 2008:

Cemetery Junction: British coming of age movie. Nice if you like Brit films and that genre.

Challenge of the GoBots - The Original Mini-series: First five and pilot episodes for cool 80s cartoon on 1 DVD

Cher - The Film Collection 6 movies 6 DVD: Moonstruck, Tea With Mussolini, Mermaids, Silkwood, Good Times, and Chastity

CHiPs The Complete Second Season: Seventies TV DVD set makes for fun viewing.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Blu-ray DVD Combo: Suberb family DVD Blu-ray combo

Christmas Gifts for the Hard to Please Under 25 Dollars: Our 2010 suggestions of Christmas gifts under 25 for the hard to shop for

Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian: Second Chronicles of Narnia DVD

Chuck Season 4 Blu-ray: Cool and original spy action comedy.

Chuck The Complete Second Season Blu-ray: Fun enough comedy action spy show.

Citizen Kane 70th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray: Classic with documentary DVD included

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 3D: Great 3D cartoon with love story and raining cheeseburgers. Adults will enjoy it too.

Coach Carter: A successful sport store owner is asked to coach a high school boys basketball team and insists that as student athletes the word student comes before athlete.

Contagion: Very good low-key movie where Virus starts spreading and researchers try to stop it.

Conviction Blu-ray: Decent enough true story with Hillary Swank

Creation: Fictional biopic about Charles Darwin

Dad Reviewed - Strawberry Shortcake The Glimmerberry Ball Movie and Berrywood Here We Come: Dad and daughter enjoyed both these DVD

Dallas - The New Series - Bravo! June 13th 9 PM: The story continues and it is promising.

Das Boot Blu-ray: Excellent WW II movie from German point of view

Dawson's Creek The Complete Series - Season 1: Classic 90s teen TV show and a great DVD box set.

Dawson's Creek The Complete Series DVD Box Set: I have to admit that, although I was expecting something more from the DVD box set, I am very happy to have it and I still love this series.

Days of Glory / Les Indigenes: Fact based war movie about Moroccan soldiers fighting to liberate France.

DCI Banks - Aftermath - BBC: Another excellent BBC mystery series begins

Deception: Good thriller DVD if you are in the right mood. Hugh Jackman is great here.

Defiance: Daniel Craig in the true story of the Bielski brothers and their WW II resistance.

Dennis The Menace - Trouble, Trouble Everywhere: 4 cartoons from the mid-eighties Saturday morning show

Derren Brown - The Specials DVD: DVD with 4 1-hour Derren Brown specials. Cool stuff.

Diamonds - CBC Miniseries - Part 1 April 5th 2009: Decent CBC miniseries with compulsory Canadian content.

Diamonds part 2 - CBC 04/12/09 9 P.M.: Part two of this CBC miniseries is better than part 1

Did You Hear About the Morgans?: Very enjoyable romantic comedy.

Does The Noise In My Head Bother You? Steven Tyler: Stream of consciousness bio by Liv Tyler s grandfather and Aerosmith frontman

Dog Sledding in Riviere Rouge, Quebec: Dog Sledding in Riviere Rouge is way way cool.

Dollhouse The Complete Season 2 Blu-ray: Only the series creator knows what is going on in this show

Doomed To Die: Last James Lee Wong mystery staring Boris Karloff

Downtown Express - Opens at The Quad in NYC April 20th: Great music, so-so story development.

Dr. Dolittle - Million Dollar Mutts: Maya Dolittle is back in a second family DVD for tween girls.

Dragon's Den Greenvention CBC June 7th 2010 8 P.M.: Great episode.

Drama and Horror on FX Canada - Premieres Oct. 31st: A piece on the new network.

Drop Dead Diva The Complete First Season: Fashion model reincarnates as size 16 intelligent lawyer in good dramady

Drumline: Kid must learn to respect the team concept to shine

Easy Rider Blu-ray 40th Anniversary: Classic 1969 film has not aged that well.

Edward G. Robinson - TCM Greatest Gangster Films Collection: 4 Edward G. Robinson movies including Larceny Inc. and The Little Giant

Every Day Blu-ray: Good drama but could have been a superior one.

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close Blu-ray DVD Combo: Boy who lost father in 9/11 tries to solve mystery he left behind for him.

F*ck Feelings - Michael Bennett MD: F*ck Feelings is different from the feel good pablum, follow-my-cult, or “this will work if you put in the effort and follow everything to the letter” books you find for a quarter at garage sales a month after Oprah mentionned them.

Falling Down - Deluxe Edition - Michael Douglas: White collar regular Joe blows his fuse aka the American Dream wakes up

Fame - Seasons 1 and 2: Good song and dance show in its first two seasons.

Fame Blu-ray (2009 version): Innocuous remake with good musical numbers.

Family Guy Something Something Something Dark Side Blu-ray: Spoof of The Empire Strikes Back is fun enough.

Fantastic Mr. Fox Blu-ray DVD Combo Pack: Superb stop-motion animation but not for the kiddies

Fargo / Thelma & Louise - MGM Award Series Double Feature: 2 Best Original Screenplay Oscar winners in 2 DVD set

Fargo Blu-ray: Best known Coen Brothers black comedy decent enough on Blu-ray

Fiddler on the Roof Blu-ray and DVD 40th Anniversary: Excellent musical looks much better on Blu-ray

Film Movement Festival Shorts Collection: For fans of the short film, this is a must. There are 5 excellent shorts on this 8 film DVD

Flywheel: Pretty good indie movie. Faith based and really preachy near the end buy enjoyable nonetheless.

Forever Darling - TCM Lucille Ball Collection: Decent Lucille Ball comedy one of four in Turner Classic Movies set

Four Weddings and a Funeral Blu-ray: One of the most loved romantic comedies of the nineties

Fox / MGM Awards Series Double Features: 2 DVD sets of Academy Award winners from Fox or MGM. Some odd Pairings and great pairings

Fragments: Drama DVD about the survivors of a massacre at a local diner. Excellent

Fred - The Movie: Not a family movie but psychedelic popcorn for the brain.

Friends Like These - Danny Wallace: Fun enough tale of thirty year old looking for childhood pals

Friends With Benefits Blu-ray DVD Combo: Fun enough anti-romcom romantic comedy.

Garfield And Friends - A Cat and His Nerd: 15 10-minute Garfield cartoons. Fun show but generic animation.

Garfield Pet Force: Garfield and gang meet their superhero counterparts in anime inspired action cartoon for young kids.

Garfield's Fun Fest: Garfield has a few lessons to learn before he can win the talent show.

George Carlin Last Words - a memoir: Good semi-biography.

George Wallace: Bio pic and political story of Alabama Governor George Wallace. Good but a bit long.

Georgia O'Keefe: Excellent biographical film about great American painter.

Get Low Blu-ray: Superb low-key human comedy and human drama.

Ghost Shark - Jean Guerin review: Title says it all. Really fun if you like B movies

Gia - Angelina Jolie: Decent enough biopic could have been better.

Glee - The Complete Second Season: The successful musical television series returns for another stellar year. Absolutely worth every cent you will spend on the collection.

Glee -The Complete First Season Blu-ray: This show took TV and the country by storm and here is why.

Glee Encore: A collection of some of the best song and dance routines from the first season of Glee.

Glee Season 2 Volume 1: The first ten episodes from Glee Season 2 include Rocky Horror and The Grinch

Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse - Victor Gischler: This novel is an over the top action movie on paper.

Goosebumps - Attack of the Mutant - Mom Reviewed: 1 two-part episode son liked, 1 episode Mom and daughter thought so-so.

Goosebumps - Ghost Beach - Mom Reviewed: I (and my kids) would recommend this DVD for anyone who wants to get the creeps

Gospel Hill: The celebration of the life and times of civil rights activist Paul Malcolm is set against the backdrop of a conglomerate trying to take over a tract of housing to bulldoze it to make way for a golf course.

Gossip Girl - The Complete First Season: Chick TV par excellence.

Goya's Ghosts: Goya's work turned into a movie. Characters are rather secondary.

Gran Torino Blu-ray - Clint Eastwood: Old coot (Clint Eastwood) befriends Hmon family and becomes their protector. Excellent drama.

Green Street Hooligans: Yank gets caught up in West Ham Football firm.

Griffin & Phoenix: Very good chick flick with dark comedy moments

Gulliver s Travels Jack Black Blu-ray DVD Combo: Pretty good PG movie even if you find Jack Black irritating

Gums: This is not a film to watch and enjoy. This is a film to play at 3AM when you want the last few guests to leave. In that respect, I give it my highest recommendation.

Guns - CBC Sept 6 and 7 2009 8 P.M.: Shoots blanks.

Hachette Book Group - Mother's Day Giveaway - 5 FREE Books!!!!:

Hamlet - The Royal Shakespeare Company Production of: Excellent production with Patrick Stewart and David Tennant

Hamlet Blu-ray - David Tennant and Patrick Stewart: Boy thinks stepfather and uncle killed dad and plots revenge. Superb and faithful.

Hannibal Brooks: POW takes elephant across the Alps to Switzerland

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 Blu-ray DVD Combo: Penultimate Potter movie good but really long

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Blu-ray DVD Combo: Last movie in the Harry Potter series brings things to a close in very interesting fashion.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - Blu-ray: Penultimate penultimate Harry Potter movie is quite good; better if you know the series well.

Haunted Summer - MGM Limited Edition Collection: British poets Byron, Shelley, and Mary Shelley spend the summer getting stoned and stuff

He s Your Dog, Charlie Brown: Pass

Helena From The Wedding: Another thirtysomething couples get together in a cabin movie.

Hello Lonesome: Original small budget movie about three lonely people and what happens to them.

Henry s Crime: The trailer is better.

High School - In Theatres June 1st 2012: Fun enough stoner movie.

Highways to Fairways - Premieres Sept. 10th 2011: 2 guys in an RV visit different and original golf courses and locations.

Hitchcock - Spellbound Blu-ray: Shrink Ingrid Bergman falls in love with amnesiac who may be killer (Peck). Decent but aged.

Holly Hobbie and Friends - Best Friends Forever: Holly Hobbie and Friends Best Friends Forever is a great DVD for both young girls and boys. It really shows that young kids shouldn't be afraid of "old" people,

Holly Hobbie and Friends - Surprise Party: Holly Hobby and Friends Surprise Party is a great DVD for girls and boys and would make a fun addition to any kid's collection.

Honeymoon In Vegas Blu-ray: Boy loses girl to Vegas gambler and becomes Flying Elvis to win her back.

Horton Hears A Who - Blu-ray: Beware of those who use "it's for the children!" for their nefarious deeds

Hot Tub Time Machine Blu-ray: This comedy grows on you after really bad first 15 minutes

House - Tracy Kidder: Great non-fiction about an architect, builders, and homeowners coming together to achieve a dream home.

House of Cards Season 1: Very good Netflix produced political drama series.

How Can You NOT Laugh at a Time Like This - Carla Ulbrich: Ulbrich's tenacious philosophy of life provides lessons for us all.

How I Won The War - John Lennon: MGM DVD On Demand release of very odd British comedy

How the Grinch Stole Christmas - Tin Case: The best Christmas cartoon ever, even if Grinch loses.

How To Make It In America Season One Blu-ray: Very interesting half hour HBO drama comedy with no nudity and language issues.

Hugo: Hugo Cabret lives in Montparnasse station and must avoid getting caught by the station inspector while trying to repair a mysterious automaton left to him by his father.

Hung The Complete First Season Blu-ray: Decent enough and oddly addictive.

Hung The Complete Second Season Blu-ray: Much better second season about gigolo high school teacher.

I Love You Beth Cooper: Valectidorian declares live for popular girl in decent enough teen comedy

I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown: also includes Happy New Year, Charlie Brown

Ice Age - A Mammoth Christmas Special Blu-ray DVD: Very entertaining Christmas cartoon everybody can enjoy

Ice Age - Meltdown: Global warming affects Scrat, Diego, Manny, and Sid. Better than the original.

Ice Age 3 - Dawn of the Dinosaurs: Very good family DVD even if story meanders a bit.

Ice Age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs Blu-ray: Third Ice Age movie is decent but might scare the wee ones.

In A World ...: A story set in the world of movie trailer voiceovers.

Inception Blu-ray DVD Combo: Very very odd thriler with psychological and sf twist

Into the Storm - HBO: Excellent biopic about Churchill during WW II

Invasion Iowa - William Shatner: Shatner goes to Kirk's birthplace for a practical joke and finds very kind people. A fun 2 DVD set.

Invictus Blu-ray DVD Combo: Very good sports and politics movie with Morgan Freeman as Mandela

It Happened on 5th Avenue - TCM Holiday Classics: People crash in abandonned 5th avenue mansion.

It s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown Blu-ray: One of the three great Charlie Brown cartoon mostly restored on Blu-ray

It's A Big Big World - Be Healthy and Happy: 5 episodes from the children's TV show with a focus on health. Good stuff

It's a Big Big World - Everybody's Different: 5 episodes from children's TV show focus on being who you are. Good stuff

It's The Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown - Mom Reviewed: 2 remastered Charlie Brown TV specials

It's The Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown - Remastered Edition: 2 Charlie Brown TV specials, both fun but not classics

J. Edgar Blu-ray DVD Set: Clint Eastwood directs DiCaprio in portrayal of bland man.

Jeff Kreisler - Get Rich Cheating: Either a how to book or a financial humor book.

Jesse Stone - Thin Ice: Fifth made for TV mystery adaptation of Robert B. Parker novel. Excellent

JFK: The Smoking Gun - Discovery Canada Nov. 3rd 8:00:

John Wayne - The Green Berets Blu-ray: Not a particularly good war movie set in Viet Nam

Jonathan Winters - A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens: The best possible audio performance of this Christmas classic. Winters is brilliant here.

Jonny Quest The Real Adventures Season 1 Vol. 1: Pretty good remake of sixties cartoon series with cool visuals

Journey 2: Family movie definitely worth your time if you are a kid at heart and like this kind of adventure

Julie & Julia Blu-ray: Quite a lot of fun for anyone who likes Julia Child and or cooking.

Just Wright: Queen Latifah makes this romantic comedy work.

Justified The Complete Fourth Season: Excellent modern western style series about Kentucky U.S. Marshall.

Karate Kid II Blu-ray: Very good sequel to excellent family movie

Keaton s Cop - MGM Limited Edition Collection: Bad cop movie with Abe Vigoda and Lee Majors

Keep Your Head Up, Kid: The Don Cherry Story - CBC March 28th and 29th 8 P.M.: Very good 2-part hockey biography.

Kennedy - Robert Kennedy and His Times: Excellent 1985 made-for-TV biopic

Kill The Umpire: Fun baseball comedy DVD double feature with Safe At Home

Killer Diller: Feel good movie with comic and dramatic moments. Rain Man meets Sister Act.

King: Very good biographical drama about Martin Luther King. Paul Winfield is brilliant as King

Kung Fu Panda: Kung Fu Panda Po aspires to being more than he is - starring Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Lucy Liu, Jackie Chan, Seth Rogan and Dustin Hoffman

Lark Rise at Candleford The Complete Season Three: Excellent BBC drama period costume series

Las Vegas Jailhouse - truTV Sundays 10 P.M.: Camera crew follows the goings on at the Las Vegas booking facility.

Last Tango In Paris Blu-ray: Famous movie mostly for art house fans

Latino Book Month Contest - 5 Book Package from Hachette Book Group:

Leatherheads: Entertaining comedy with football and fifties style romantic comedy moments.

Lennon Naked: Unsatisfying semi biographical yarn about John Lennon

Lie to Me Season 1: Very good TV crime show.

Lie to Me The Complete Third and Final Season: Very good and unfortunately cancelled TV mystery show.

Living Proof - Harry Connick Jr.: True story of doctor finding hope for breast cancer victims.

Looking To Get OUt - A Hal Ashby Film: Unsatisfying and unfocused Hal Ashby DVD

Looney Tunes Platinum Collection Volume One Blu-ray: A great collection of Looney Tunes classics including What s Opera, Doc? Duck Amuck, and One Froggy Evening

Lucky 7 - CITY - Premieres Sept. 24th 10:00: Interesting American version of BBC s The Syndicate but will probably not last.

Macon County Line: Drive-in classic seventies movie. Hard to describe but good.

Made In Dagenham: Unionized women fight for equal pay in 1968 Britain even if union is against them.

Madeline - Meet Me In Paris: 3 episodes of the Madeline cartoon on dvd

Magic Mike: An older stripper takes a young man under his wing to teach him the ropes of stripping, women and partying.

Malcolm X Blu-ray Book: Decent biopic even if Spike Lee gets in the way.

Manhattan Blu-ray - Woody Allen: Classic looks superb on Blu-ray but unfortunately no special features

Marley & Me: Very good movie but not the dumb movie previews and DVD sales pitch suggest.

Marley & Me Blu-ray 3-Disc Bad Dog Edition: Family movie about a dog that helps raise a family. Parental supervision needed if you kids is particularly sensitive.

Marley & Me: The Puppy Years: Straight to DVD prequel is like a B Disney TV movie.

Marmaduke: Not bad but certainly not a family keeper.

Martha Marcy May Marlene: Martha aka Marcy May contacts her sister after having been gone for two years. What happened?

Mask of Zorro Blu-ray: A bit long but quite enjoyable. Looks great on Blu-ray

Masterpiece Theatre - My Family and Other Animals: Charming if not totally fascinating adaptation of Gerald Durrell autobiography

Masters of Sex: Excellent series based on the work of sex experts Masters and Johnson

Masters of Sex Season Two: Excellent Showtime drama about the work of Masters and Johnson.

Meaghan Smith - The Cricket s Orchestra: Superb. The kind of music that opens your heart.

Melia Las Antillas Varadero Cuba All-inclusive Resort: 2 star resort pretending to be 4 stars

Men of a Certain Age - The Complete First Season: Interesting drama-comedy show about men in their forties.

Michael Powell Films - Age of Consent and A Matter of Life aned Death / Stairway to Heaven: 2 long lost classic British art house films by director Michael Powell.

Midnight Express - 30th Anniversary Edition: A young American drug smuggler gets caught with the goods at a Turkish airport and is set to jail.

Midnight Express - Blu-ray: More or less true story of American imprisoned in Turkey for smuggling.

Mighty B! - We Got the Bee: Very good and colorful Nickelodeon cartoon DVD

Mildred Pierce Collector s Edition Blu-ray DVD Set: Excellent adaptaion of James M. Cain novel about woman becoming successful in depression era America

Mill Creek Entertainment - Comedy 20 Movie Collection - Punchline: Last Comic Standing with funny jokes, funny comedians, and nothing sanitized for prime-time TV.

Mill Creek Entertainment Comedy 20 Movie Collection - The Brothers Solomon: so eagerly and originally over the top in its comedy.

Milll Creek Entertainment - Comedy 20 Movie Collection - Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story: a smart, over the top mocking of both musical biopics and movies about the music biz.

Miss March - Unrated: Decent enough movie for teen and frat boys with lots of toilet humor

Mom Reviewed - Adventure Time Season 1: My kids really like this series because they appreciate the twisted sense of humour that comes through in every episode.

Mom Reviewed - Adventure Time Season 2: I would say that if your kids liked the first season of Adventure Time, they will also enjoy this season, and it may even get you hooked too.

Mom Reviewed - Alvin and the Chipmunks Chipwrecked: Mom does not think this one works for the younger kids.

Mom Reviewed - Care Bears Care-A-Lot DVD Collection: 22 Care Bears on 2 DVD

Mom Reviewed - Care Bears Sharing in the Sunshine: 4 episodes of the cartoon. "Again, Mommy!"

Mom Reviewed - Care Bears Ups and Downs: Mom and the kids liked this one.

Mom Reviewed - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: Mom and the kids were not impressed.

Mom Reviewed - Chronicles of Narnia Voyage of the Dawn Treader: This is a fantastic movie - with one caveat: the last 4 swords are found at the same time.

Mom Reviewed - Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs: Great family DVD; the kids watched it 5 times in 4 days

Mom Reviewed - Delgo: "Family" movie if you exclude the younguns

Mom Reviewed - Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Rodrick Rules: All of my kids (both boys and girls) really loved this family DVD

Mom Reviewed - Garfield Pet Force: Mom and the kids liked this cartoon DVD

Mom Reviewed - Goosebumps The Blob That Ate Everyone: 3 different scare levels 3 episodes 2 scared kids

Mom Reviewed - Happy Feet Two: Mom sort of enjoyed this family DVD but the kids liked it more.

Mom Reviewed - Horton Hears A Who 2008: Great Dr. Seuss adaptation. The kids watched this family DVD 3 times in 3 days

Mom Reviewed - Horton Hears A Who Deluxe Edition: Title episode plus Horton Hatches An Egg, Butter Battle Book, and Daisy-Head Mayzie. Great family viewing

Mom Reviewed - It s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown: Classic Peanuts cartoon also includes It s Magic Charlie Brown

Mom Reviewed - Josie and the Pussycats The Complete Series: All 16 Josie and the Pussycats cartoons on 2 DVDs. Good stuff.

Mom Reviewed - Lego Star Wars The Padawan Menace Blu-ray DVD Combo: All four of my kids (ages from young to teenager) found something interesting and entertaining in this show.

Mom Reviewed - Madeline Next Stop America: Madeline goes to Hollywood, New York City, and a rodeo in this kids DVD.

Mom Reviewed - Mr. Bump Planes, Trains and Dillymobiles: 6 11-minute episodes and the kids enjoyed them.

Mom Reviewed - Mr. Troop Mom DVD: Mom and the kids really liked this family movie DVD

Mom Reviewed - Nim's Island: Mom loved this great family movie DVD

Mom Reviewed - Ramona and Beezus: Mom and the kids really love this family movie

Mom Reviewed - Rio Blu-ray DVD Combo: Mom and her 4 kids liked this family friendly movie

Mom Reviewed - Scooby Doo Where Are You? Bump in the Night: 4 cartoons from the original Scooby Doo series. Mom and the kids liked it.

Mom Reviewed - Shaggy and Scooby Doo Get A Clue Vol. 2: Mom and kids were not really impressed.

Mom Reviewed - Strawberry Shortcake - The Sky's the Limit: Strawberry Shortcake and friends go on a journey to save village

Mom Reviewed - Strawberry Shortcake Berry Big Journeys: 2 Strawberry Shortcake cartoons on a family DVD Mom approved.

Mom Reviewed - Strawberry Shortcake Happily Ever After: Mom and family very much enjoyed this Strawberry Shortcake DVD

Mom Reviewed - Strawberry Shortcake Rockaberry Roll: Mom and kids like this episode about getting together to form a band.

Mom Reviewed - Stuart Little - A Little Family Fun: The kids really enjoyed this Stuart Little DVD

Mom Reviewed - Stuart Little - Going for the Gold: Mom and the kids really liked this DVD

Mom Reviewed - The Regular Show Seasons 1 and 2: Mom and the kids are not impressed but liked season 2 better.

Mom Reviewed - The Swan Princess The Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure: Mom and kids liked well enough but not enough.

Mom Reviewed - The Swan Princess The Secret of the Castle: Mom and the kids liked this family DVD okay

Mom Reviewed - Tooth Fairy: Mom and the kids really liked this family DVD

Mom Reviewed - We Bought A Zoo: Mom highly recommends this family movie but for the older kids.

Mom Reviewed - Yo Gabba Gabba CD: Mom and the four kids loved this kids music CD

Mom Reviewed Diary of a Wimpy Kid DVD: Very entertaining family movie for the older kids

Mom Reviewed Phineas and Ferb The Perry Files: My kids love Phineas and Ferb - and they love this collection too. Both my husband and I really enjoy it as well.

Mom Reviews - Dr. Seuss The Lorax Blu-ray DVD: 1972 made for TV cartoon really got to mom and her kids.

Moneyball: Billy Beane throws all in with Sabermetrics to help the Oakland Athletics towards an historic 2002 baseball season.

Monsters Inside Me - Discovery Science starts Oct 12th 8 p.m.: Really interesting medical mystery TV show

Moondance Alexander: A special summer is ahead for a girl named Moondance as she starts riding a pinto she finds.

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium: Magic movie about a very different toy store.

Mr. Popper s Penguins: Fun family friendly DVD but bit of a messy story.

Mrs. Miracle: Light romantic Christmas DVD

MTV - Movie Night Inside the Summer Blockbuster: Half hour episode on the story of the blockbuster. Entertaining

Muppets From Space Blu-ray DVD Combo: Decent Muppet movie though parents may want to screen the lab scenes first.

Murdoch Mysteries Marathon - FX Canada Dec. 24th 10 p.m.: Good Canadian mysteries on 13 episode marathon

MVP - on CBC: CBC prime time soap opera set in the hockey world.

My Cat From Hell Season 2 - Animal Planet Tuesdays 7:00: Cat whisperer helps freaked out owners. Not for dog lovers.

Mystic Pizza Blu-ray: Good chick flick but not worth going Blu-ray

Mystic River Blu-ray: Excellent adaptation of a Dennis Lehane mystery looks great on Blu-ray

NHL Top 10 Rivalries: Very good stocking stuffer for hockey fans.

Nickleodeon: Peter Bogdanovich's ode to the silent era is a decent comedy.

Night at the Museum Battle of the Smithsonian Blu-ray: Fun sequel to original.

Nim's Island: A nine year old girl is trapped on a deserted island and calls in her hero Alex Rover to help.

No Country For Old Men: Guy finds satchel of money and then tries to get away from guy who wants it back.

Notorious - The Notorious B.I.G Story: Decent music biopic probably better if you know the playas

Obsessed: Temp Lisa turns into temptress Lisa as she tries to lure Derek from his wife Sharon.

On Strike For Christmas: Banal made for TV movie

One Flew Over the Cuckoon s Nest Blu-ray: Winner of many Academy Awards but not quite as relevant as it was.

Orlando - Special Edition: Pretty adaptation of Virginia Woolf novel

Othello The Tragedy of the Moor - CBC TV June 15th 2008: Iago plots vengeance on Othello.

Peanut 1970s Collection Volume 1 2 DVD Set: 6 Remastered but minor Peanuts cartoons on 2 DVD are still fun to watch.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians - The Titan s Curse: A sequel you would like to see on the big screen

Persepolis: Nominated for 2007 Animated Feature Academy Award. Should've won.

Playmobil The Secret of Pirate Island: Interactive family DVD is lots of fun but needs parent to select options.

Please Give: Do not.

Poltergeist Blu-ray: Very good Spielberg horror-ish movie looks good on Blu-ray

Poseidon Blu-ray: Decent enough remake of classic 70s disaster movie

Practical Magic Blu-ray: Two witch sisters must cope with centuries old love curse.

Press Release - CBC and CBC Newsworld Documentaries January 2008:

Pretty Little Liars - The Complete First Season: Tween and teen girl show.

Pretty Maids All in a Row: Odd sex romp comedy and murder mystery with Telly Savalas and Rock Hudson

Prince of Thieves - Robin Hood Collection: B-movie Robin Hood with decent swashbuckling, lesser color.

Raging Bull Blu-ray: Classic Scorsese / De Niro movie comes to full glory in Blu-ray

Ralph Bashki The Lord of the Rings Blu-ray DVD Combo: You either like or really dislike this animated version.

Ramona and Beezuz: Excellent family DVD

Recount: Very interesting if complex HBO docudrama about the 2000 Presidential election

Redemption of the Ghost: Feel good movie doesn't work because it tries too hard too many times.

Reign Over Me - Adam Sandler: The only Adam Sandler movie I like and a great drama.

Rent Filmed Live On Broadway: If you like this musical, the Rent DVD is very well made.

Rescue Me - The Complete Third Season: New York Fire Department soap opera starring Denis Leary

Rescue Me Season 5 Volume 2: Dennis Leary firefighter drama and soap opera.

Rio - Blu-ray DVD Combo: Fun but not great animated movie for the whole family

Rio - Mom Reviewed: Mom and the kids liked this colorful animated story.

Ripper Street - Space - Begins January 19th 9 p.m.: Murdoch Mysteries go to Victorian London in solid British TV series

Robin Hood The Complete Series - Season One: Another excellent BBC DVD set.

Rock of Ages Blu-ray DVD set: Really cool 21st century musical with 80s soundtrack

Rocky Balboa: Rocky has a feeling of incompletion in his life decides to return to the ring to see if he has one last fight left in him.

Rocky Balboa Blu-ray - The Undisputed Collection: Final ?? Rocky movie is pretty decent.

Roger Ebert - Your Movie Sucks: A really fun to read collection of nasty movie reviews by critic Robert Ebert

Rome Blu-ray - The Complete Second Season: Very good historical drama with some soap opera elements.

Rome The Complete First Season Blu-ray: Good historical drama and soap opera.

Roots The Next Generations DVD - Full Review: The second installment of the Roots miniseries is pretty good even if it drags a bit.

Roots The Next Generations DVD- Short Review: Follow-up to Roots, this miniseries drags a bit but is still fascinating.

Run, Fat Boy, Run: Decent British comedy could have been better without Frinds director.

Russia - 12: Russia's 2007 Academy Award nominee for Best Foreign Film

Sarah Landon and the Paranormal Hour: Wannabe Nancy Drew with a mild scary twist. Sucks

Saturday Morning Cartoons 1960s Volume 1: 2 DVD 33 cartoon collection from Hanna Barbera and the sixties

Saturday Morning Cartoons 1960s Volume 2: Title says it all but not as great as Volume 1

Scooby Doo! Music of the Vampire: Decent enough family DVD.

Scooby-Doo and Scooby-Doo 2 Blu-ray Family Double Feature: Decent live action cartoon

Scooby-Doo Where Are You? Volume 4 : 4 episodes 1 DVD from classic 70s cartoon 2 good 2 not so good.

Scooby-Doo Where Are You? with Mystery Machine The Complete Series: comes with its very own Mystery Machine. What else do you need to know?

Searching For Bobby Fischer: A young boy discovers he has a talent for chess.

Secretariat: Penny Tweedy inherits a horse farm and chooses to race a big red horse to the triple crown finish

Sesame Street Spoofs Volumes 1 and 2: Very fun collection of Sesame Street spoofs of various TV shows

Seven Pounds - Will Smith: Bad wanna be tearjerker feels like seven tons.

Shake Hands With The Devil: An honorable man forced to watch a genocide.

Shame - Blu-ray DVD: A waste.

Shameless: Superb dramady

Shameless The Complete Second Season Blu-ray: Very good, very dark, and very funny series.

Sherlock - Season One: Very good modern times transposition of Conan Doyle mystgery classic

Shorts Blu-ray: Dennis Leary firefighter drama - soap opera.

Shred! - Discovery - Mondays 7 and 7:30 starts July 8th: See guys build a building-size shredder and mangle stuff in really cool show.

Skins - Volume 1: Very original BBC dramady. Comparisons to Gossip Girl just demean this show.

Slipstream: What the F....??? Very strange and fascinating movie.

Slumdog Millionaire: An assistant at a telephone company gets his shot at fame and fortune.

Something Borrowed Blu-ray DVD Combo: Something blew.

Something For The Boys - Carmen Miranda Collection: Miranda plays second banana in this let's put on a show to save the place story.

South Pacific 50th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray: In the days just before WW II a nurse falls in love and so does a lieutenant. Looks great on Blu-ray with 2 versions

Southland - The Complete First Season: Good byt probably short-lived cop drama

Southland Seasons 2 to 4: Very good cop show 6 DVD 26 episodes

Spaceman - the story of Bill Lee: a biopic about former Red Sox and Montreal Expos pitcher and philosopher Bill Lee.

Spectacular Spider-Man Volume 8: Last 3 episodes of fun cartoon series.

Speed Racer: Absolutely cool movie

SpongeBob Squarepants - Atlantis Squarepantis: 8 SpongeBob Squarepants episodes on 1 DVD including the title two-parter with the voice of David Bowie.

SpongeBob SquarePants - Pest of the West - Mom Reviewed: 8 SpongeBob 1 DVD the kids liked it.

Spring Breakdown Blu-ray: Three thirty something gals make up for lost time by going on spring break

St. Elmo's Fire Blu-ray: Coming of age drama from the mid eighties.

Stand By Me Blu-ray - 25th Anniversary Edition: Great coming-of-age and quest movie based on Stephen King story

Steel Magnolias - Queen Latifah: A new version, not a remake, and a very good one.

Strawberry Shortcake - Big Country Fun: 2 linked stories set in shortcake country. great family fare

Strawberry Shortcake - Growing Up Dreams - Mom Reviewed: Mom and the kids recommend this DVD

Street Gang - The Complete history of Sesame Street: Decent but no cookie

Suburgatory Season One: Excellent show whereNYC girl and dad move to the suburbs and find out it is not all that bad.

Sugar: Drama about Dominican trying to make it to major league baseball

Sunrise (1927) - Murnau, Borzage and Fox DVD Box Set: Classic 1927 German Impressionism silent film from Fox Studios

Super Friends Season One Volume One: VHS quality pic, generic animation, but fun.

Sword of Sherwood Forest - Robin Hood Collection: Richard Greene, TV's Robin Hood, in a passable movie

Taxi Driver Blu-ray: Martin Scorcese and De Niro classic looks great on Blu-ray

TCM Summer Under the Stars August 2009: An article with the movie schedule.

Teh Itteh Bitteh Book of Kittehs: Great cat lover gift brings cute to a whole new level.

Tell Me You Love Me - HBO: Adult oriented series about men women relationships, great stuff, explicit.

Terri Blu-ray: Principal and student meet regularly.

The 5th Quarter: Heavy handed tear jerker

The Apartment Blu-ray Collector s Edition: Classic romantic dramady belongs in any film fan s collection

The Arrangement: Stylistically brilliant Elia Kazan movie with messy story.

The Assisi Underground - MGM Limited Edition Collection: Decent enough B-movie with VHS quality print

The Bandit of Sherwood Forest - Robin Hood Collection: Robin Hood's son Robert picks up the old man's bow and arrow.

The Betrayed: Absolutely superb thriller, a must watch DVD

The Big C - The Complete First Season: Excellent Showtime drama - comedy about a woman with stage four cancer. 13 episodes 3 DVD

The Big Year Blu-ray DVD Combo: Entertaining movie where 3 very different guys compete to see the most birds in one calendar year.

The Caine Mutiny Collector's Edition: Classic Humphrey Bogart movie with great ensemble cast.

The Carmen Miranda Collection - If I'm Lucky: Gang of musicians gets involved in state politics with musical numbers all around.

The Carol Burnett Show The Ultimate DVD Collection - 22 DVD 50 Shows and More: A must have for any TV comedy fan.

The Challenger Disaster - Discovery Nov. 24th 8:00: Made for TV movie and bit of a thriller about Dr. Richard Feynman who figured out what NASA was hiding and the reason Challenger broke up.

The Chronicles of Narnia - Mom Reviewed - The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe: Mom and her four kids loved this and look forward to the other 3 series in this Narnia DVD set

The Chuck Norris Thrillogy: Every fake factoid about Chuck Norris ever written in 3 fun books.

The Chuck Norris Thrillogy: Three very funny books with fake Chuck Norris factoids.

The Cincinnati Kid Blu-ray: The best poker movie around with McQueen and Edward G. Robinson.

The Color Purple Blu-ray: The Color Purple belongs on Blu-ray, period.

The Color Purple Blu-ray Digibook: 11 Oscar nominations and no wins is Finally available on Blu-ray

The Complete Third Season: Glee: Season 3 is messy but the music continues to be very good. Only for serious Gleeks.

The Crooked E - The Unshredded Truth About Enron: Made for TV movie about an insider's job at Enron. Excellent.

The Debt: Three Mossad agents come to terms in their own way with their involvement in an operation to capture a Nazi war criminal.

The Descendants - George Clooney: Low key drama those who like this kind of DVD will enjoy.

The Diary of Anne Frank - 50th Anniversary Edition: Excellent if 3 hours long.

The Gigantic Book of Running Quotations: A collection of quotations about running or by runners.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo - American version: This one or the original version? Both are good.

The Girls Next Door Season 4: The ongoing adventures of 3 Playboy bunnies in a reality TV show. Fun, male oriented stuff.

The Glades - The Complete First Season: Very enjoyable low violence not too much gore TV cop show.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Blu-ray: Classic western by Sergio Leone looks great on Blu-ray

The Great American Broadcast - Alice Faye Collection 2: Very good comedy and history of the early days of radio.

The Greatest Bad Movies of All Time: Excellent list, quite entertaining.

The Greatest Bad Movies of All Time: What makes Halls book so unique is how it respects the contract it makes with the reader in the title

The Green Mile Blu-ray Digibook: One of the 3 best Stephen King to screen adaptations.

The Happening - M. Night Shyamalan: Absolutely great Shyamalan thriller. He does not fart around in this one.

The Hour Season One Blu-ray - BBC Series: Thriller set in the early days of BBC TV. Decent enough.

The Hustler Blu-ray Book: Superb and classic drama with Jackie Gleason and Paul Newman. A must see at least once

The Illusionist: The Illusionist Eisenheim goes head to head with the royal family of Austria for the hand of his childhood sweetheart.

The Incredible Mr. Limpet Blu-ray: 1964 family movie where man becomes fish and helps US in WWII

The Incredible Mrs. Ritchie: Decent little movie, not quite for the whole family

The Invention of Lying: Good human comedy. Not perfect but fun to watch.

The Iron Lady - Meryl Streep: Academy Award performance, messy movie.

The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop & Cafe - Mary Simses: It is the perfect novel to enjoy while relaxing on the deck on a warm afternoon, or beside a cozy fire.

The Jackie Robinson Story starring Jackie Robinson: Pretty good movie tells the story honestly.

The Joneses Blu-ray: Enjoyable social satire that could have had more bite.

The Karate Kid Blu-ray: The original and one and only Karate Kid. A family classic

The Killer Is Loose - MGM Limited Edition Collection: Escaped convict out to kill cop s wife. Good thriller.

The Land of Steady Habits - Ted Thompson: Very compelling, it is an excellent first novel.

The Last King of Scotland Blu-ray: Forest Whitaker won Best Actor for his portrayal of Idi Amin

The Last Picture Show - Director's Cut: American coming of age classic about small town America circa 1951

The Last Station: Romantic drama built around fictional Leo Tolstoy story.

The List: Gothic, supernatural, romantic drama, power of prayer Christian movie mess

The Longer-Lasting Inspirational Bathroom Book: Variation on Uncle John's Bathroom Reader book meets the bible

The Longshots: Feel good family movie centered on football team overcoming the odds.

The Magnificent Ambersons: Appreciated more for the Welles touch than for the movie itself

The Mel Brooks Collection Blu-ray: Solid 9 disc comedy set.

The Mental Floss History of the World: Very interesting and a tad wee bit tongue-in-cheek history of the world book. A great read.

The Mentalist The Complete Second Season DVD set: Very good mystery TV show and season. 23 episodes 5 DVD

The Mickey Rourke Collection: A collection of Mickey Rourke vehicles - two which should be forgotten, one so bad it is good and one that qualifies as good.

The Muppets Take Manhattan Blu-ray DVD Combo: Muppets try to go to Broadway in decent family movie.

The Name of the Rose Blu-ray: Very good Holmesian mystery set in 1400s

The Natural: Some consider this a classic baseball movie.

The Nerdist at Comic Con - Space Channel Aug. 6th 11 p.m.:

The New Centurions - George C. Scott / Stacey Keach: Good police drama with a made for TV feel. Very Hill Street Blues like.

The Nines: One strange, hard to explain movie. Cinema fans will enjoy.

The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency - HBO Sundays beginning 03/29/08: Very good adaptation of Alexander McCall Smith African mystery novels

The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency Season 1 DVD set: Excellent TV mystery DVD set as seen on HBO

The Pacific Blu-ray: Band of Brothers goes to the Pacific but not quite as good.

The Player Blu-ray: Studio mobul gets involved in murder story.

The Polar Express Steelbook Blu-ray: Very good motion capture animation Christmas movie, scary for some.

The Princess Bride Blu-ray and DVD set: Great Rob Reiner movie everybody will love. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

The Pursuit Of Happyness: A really good movie based on a true story that actually feels true.

The Queen - Helen Mirren: Great performances, banal movie

The Ramen Girl: American learns about life and that means how to cook ramen.

The Rich Girl s Club by HoneyB.: Adult Fiction Sexually Exquisite

The Rita Hayworth Collection - Cover Girl: One of 5 films on 5 DVD restored full screen.

The Robe - Special Edition DVD: Historical epic about what happened in Rome after Christ's death. In Cinemascope and brilliantly restored.

The Rocker: Washed-out heavy metal drummer gets a second wack at rock stardom in his nephew's band. Pretty decent stuff

The Roller Derby Chronicles - 3 DVD Set: Way cool set for roller derby fans with 2 documentaries and footage or partial footage from games from 1959 to 1977

The Savages: 2 estranged siblings end up taking care of their estranged father at the end of his life.

The Secret Life of Bees: Great and beautiful movie

The Shawshank Redemption - Tin Case: Great human drama based on Stephen King novella

The Shield - Season One - The Complete Series Set: Excellent crime TV show starring Michael Chicklis as corrupt cop.

The Shield The Complete Series 28 DVD 88 Episodes: Excellent, gritty, and dark cop TV series in great looking box set.

The Smurfs - Season One Volume One - Mom Reviewed: 19 fun episodes

The Smurfs - The Legend of Smurfy Hollow: Entertaining 22-minute smurf version of Legend of Sleepy Hollow sort of

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