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Action - Sudden Impact Blu-ray - Dirty Harry

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Sudden Impact - Dirty Harry
Clint Eastwood, Sondra Locke, Pat Hingle
Directed by Clint Eastwood
Originally released 1983
Warner Home Entertainment 2010

Sudden Impact Blu-ray is now available with The Enforcer Blu-ray as a two disc Warner Brothers Action Double Feature. Of the two, Sudden Impact is the better action flick and this not just because it features the famous "Go ahead, make my day." This movie may be a bit thin on story but it makes up for it with lots of action.

Sudden Impact certainly does not lack in gunshots and dead baddies. At the beginning of the movie mobsters are gunning for him and once he takes care of that a punk and his buddies go after him. The second Harry Callahan arrives in Sao Paulo, the resort town he has been sent to to get him out of the chief's hair, there is a bank robbery and Dirty Harry ends up driving a retirement home short bus to chase the bad buy.

Dirty Harry is in Sao Paolo to get information on a victim. We already know Jennifer Spencer (Sandra Locke) is the killer and the dead man is one of those who raped her and her sister. While Harry tries to find out more about the dead man, Jennifer is out to kill other members of the gang.

Locke is perhaps best known for appearances in the two Any Which Way and other Eastwood movies as well as her Razzie nomination for Bronco Billy. Her very flat interpretation of Jennifer takes a lot away from the mystery aspect of this action Blu-ray.

Camryn Manheim is the girl in the elevator at the beginning of the movie.

Special features on the Dirty Harry Sudden Impact Blu-ray include commentary track by Richard Schickel and The Evolution of Clint Eastwood, a twenty some minute feature. These were available on the Deluxe Edition DVD

Clint Eastwood - Dirty Harry Blu-ray        The Enforcer Blu-ray - Dirty Harry


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