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Science Fiction - Doctor Who 108 - The Horns of Nimon

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Doctor Who 108 The Horns of Nimon
Tom Baker, Lalla Ward
4 episodes 1 DVD
Broadcast 1979-80
BBC Warner Home Entertainment 2010

The Horns of Nimon, story 108 of Doctor Who, is now available on DVD. This four episode show is most famous for featuring Graham Crowden as a villain named Soldeed. Crowden gobbles up the papier mache scenery like no other. This is fun in a camp sort of way. It is also a handicap as it magnifies the low budget everything of this BBC science fiction series. This said, The Horns of Nimon is an enjoyable story.This Doctor Who DVD is part of the Tom Baker years and also features characters Romana and K9.

While trying to pimp his ride the Doctor disables important functions. It then crashes into a disabled ship from Skonnos. The ship is carrying half a dozen teenagers from Aneth who are to be sacrifices to a creature called the Nimon. Nimon has promised Soldeed, the grand priest of Skonnos, new and faster ships so the empire can be a great military force once again.

At the end of the first episode the Doctor is stranded by the disabled ship's co-pilot (whose over the top acting is exceeded only by Crowden's) and Romana is captive. Everybody eventually makes it to Skonnos in episode 2.

Episode 3 has the Doctor figure out why the Nimon wanted the atomic energy tubes the Aneths were carrying with them. Unfortunately, Romana gets lost in the process.

Episode 4 ends The Horns of Nimon and everything is revealed, including the Nimon's bad acting skills, before Crowden takes one huge bite of scenery.

This is an enjoyable albeit low budget Doctor Who episode.

Special features on this Doctor Who DVD include commentary by Lalla Ward, Janet Ellis, and Graham Crowden himself. Informative and whimsical production notes are available as subtitles. Also included are a feature on the relationship between the Doctor Who series and the Blu Peter show and an 8-minute interview with Anthony Read who wrote this and other episodes in the series.

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