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Mainstream - Hung The Complete First Season Blu-ray

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Hung The Complete First Season Blu-ray
Thomas Jane, Jane Adams, Anne Heche
10 Episodes 2 Blu-ray disc
Originally broadcast HBO
Warner Home Entertainment 2010

Hung is an HBO series about a really down on his luck Detroit high school coach who markets his best ass ... et to dig himself out. This is a decent enough and oddly addictive show but you keep getting the impression if could easily have been better. Hung The Complete First Season features 10 episodes on 2 Blu-ray discs and your run of the mill special features. Hung DVD

Ray Drecker (Thomas Jane) is having a really bad time. His basketball team is worse than the Clippers, he is divorced, he camps in the backyard of his burned out home, and he lives on a high school teacher's salary, and there are cutbacks at work. Ray goes to a get rich quick seminar, meets a woman he bedded a while back, and discovers his tool to get rich quick is his tool. The woman, a crunchy granola vegan poet (Jane Adams) becomes his pimp.

Hung takes a while to get it up. Its tendency to flashback without much notice means the viewer can easily get lost in the story arc. The secondary stories involving Ray's ex-wife (Ann Heche), his kids, and his job as a teacher lack focus and become a hindrance.

This HBO series' main problem is Thomas Jane. Jane has no energy or charisma whatsoever and this makes Ray uninteresting. Tanya (Jane Adams) is much too wishy-washy and little more than a granola poet stereotype.

Hung also tries to be humorous but the characters and the actors do not have the energy to make the joke or funny situation pay off. The only really interesting character is Ray's former mother-in-law.

The ... climax ... to the first season of Hung is anticlimactic. But, again, this is an oddly addictive show.

Hung The Complete First Season Blu-ray special features are About Hung: Behind-the-Scenes; The Women of Hung; Ray and Tanya's personal ads; Three audio commentaries by series creators-executive producers Colette Burson and Dimitry Lipkin and writer Brett C. Leonard

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