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Horror - Supernatural Blu-ray The Complete First Season

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Supernatural Blu-ray - The Complete First Season
Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles
22 Episodes 4 discs
Originally aired 2005-06
Warner Home Entertainment 2010

Supernatural is the story of two twenty-something brothers who spend their time hunting ghosts and other things that go more than thump in the night. The Complete First Season Supernatural Blu-ray set features all 22 first season episodes on four discs. This very good horror TV show looks great in Blu-ray and high definition makes the special effects that much more effective.

The pilot establishes the reason why the brothers are scary thing hunters. There is then a heavy bit of expository dialogue to explain the last twenty some years. It also establishes that Dean is the more willing ghost hunter while Sam would like a normal life: he has an interview for a law school scholarship in a couple of days. The boys go search for their dad who was looking into weird goings on on a stretch of deserted highway. The pilot's ending is pretty cool and finishes setting up the series.

Supernatural is very good scary TV with a mystery twist as the brothers try to solve the story behind the monster. Part of the interest in this creature feature is the up and down relationship the brothers have. A lot of it has to do with the creature feature aspect. The creatures look really cool and special effects are excellent.

Supernatural The Complete First Season features windigos, lake spirits, a ghost hitchhiker, a demon, good ol' Bloody Mary, a shapeshifter, a scarecrow, bugs, a ghost, a witch, hook guy, and other scary things including a family photo. Most original is the creature created out of whole cloth on the internet

Special features include extended scenes, commentary track for some episodes, a gag reel, and other goodies including The Devil's Road Map.

The Devil's Road Map is probably the best set up special feature I have come across. You can select background information on show episodes including interviews and stuff (green button), you can also look into John Winchester monster journal (yellow button), and look up local legends connected to the show (yellow button). There is also a Supernatural Blu-ray Easter egg if you click on the three ghosts fast enough.
Bloody Mary       Urban Legends Bloody Mary   

Supernatural Blu-ray The Complete Season 4

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