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Action - Predator Blu-ray - Ultimate Hunter Edition

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Predator Blu-ray Ultimate Hunter Edition
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Jesse Ventura
Directed by John McTiernan
Originally released 1987
Fox Home Entertainment 2010
106 minutes

It is just a coincidence that Predator Blu-ray is being released just a couple of weeks before Predators, a sort of remake that moves the action from Earth to the creature's planet. This said, Predator is a great kick ass creature feature starring the inimitable Ahnold as a special ops guy caught in a South American jungle and facing a whole new kind of enemy. This second Blu-ray version, the Ultimate Hunter Edition, has been digitally cleaned and looks great but a couple of scenes look overexposed.

Predator wastes little time. Eleven minutes into it and Dutch (Schwarzenegger) and his men are in the jungle looking for a VIP whose helicopter crashed. Bodies are found a few minutes later by Billy, a guy whose trailing talents are far superior to any movie Indian in history. After they blow up a whole village of guerillas and Russians real real good and Ahnold delivers a couple of one-liners, the men realize they are up against something they have never seen before and can't see.

After losing a few of their own, Dutch and his men decide to confront the creature instead of letting it pick them off one by one. This may or may not work.

Director John McTiernan of Die Hard fame really knows how to ratchet up the tension. The acting in this action creature movie is much above the norm and helped with some solid writing and story telling. The music is a bit much, especially during the scene where Ahnold gets ready for a showdown.

Predator is the only action movie starring two future US Governors, Schwarzenegger and Ventura and one wannabe US Governor and Senator in Sonny Landham who plays Billy.

Special features on this action Blu-ray include Digital Restoration of Predator;  "Evolution of the Species: Hunters of Extreme Perfection" Featurette (new); Feature-Length Audio Commentary by John McTiernan ; Text Commentary by Historian Eric Lichtensfeld; "If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It" Making-Of Documentary; "Inside The Predator" Documentary; Special Effects Featurettes; Deleted Scenes and Outtakes; Short Takes; Theatrical Trailers; Photo Galleries; Predator Profile
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