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Foreign Film - Norway Max Manus Man of War

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Max Manus Man of War
Aksel Hennie, Nicolai Cleve Broch
Directed by Joachim Ronning and Espen Sandberg
Norwegian with English subtitles
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2010
113 minutes

The DVD cover for Max Manus Man of War promises an action packed war movie. It is not. This foreign film DVD from Norway is more a partial biopic set in World War II Norway. I did not expect a sixties style American war movie but I did expect to be more than somewhat interested.

Max Manus is Norway's biggest World War II hero. He was an ordinary man who fought the Germans in Finland and then became part of the Norwegian underground when Germany invaded Norway. He survives the war, his friends do not.

The story here is basically Manus and his friends go on a mission. Someone gets killed. Manus feels more and more guilty for their deaths and becomes more and more dysfunctional but not enough to stop him from carrying on the fight.

The problem with this foreign film DVD is it is too fancy for its own good and tries to tell too many stories. Manus keeps flashing back to an even in Finland until you get the whole story; you do not get the point of that flashback.  A big deal seems to be made about Solveig, the secretary for the Nazi chief, but nothing comes from that or from the seemingly important scene where she overhears the chief talk to someone else.

After a while, this war movie from Norway becomes just another movie.

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