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Mainstream - Cats & Dogs Blu-ray

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Cats & Dogs Blu-ray
Lou Dog, Butch Dog, Mr. Tinkles Cat
Jeff Goldblum, Elizabeth Perkins, Alexander Pollock
Directed by Lawrence Guterman
Originally released 2001
Warner Brothers 2010

Cats & Dogs is an entertaining and imaginative family movie. It mixes live animal action with CGI. There is something for everybody and parents will really enjoy the spy movie references. Cats and Dogs Blu-ray is being released to coincide with the theatrical released of the 3D sequel Kitty Galore.

A scientist (Jeff Goldblum) is working on a cure for those who are allergic to dogs. If he succeeds it will give dogs the upper hand over evil cats and end the cats' hopes for world domination. Mr. Tinkles, a white Persian who looks exactly like Blofeld's in the James Bond Diamonds Are Forever, is out to stop him. Goldblum is unknowingly protected by a cadre of secret agent dogs led by Buddy, the family dog. When Buddy is catnapped a beagle pup named Lou accidentally takes Buddy's place. He must also befriend the boy.

All this is the backstory to the fight between the dogs protecting the scientist and the cats trying to stop the experiments. This means lots of action and combat scenes. The coolest one involves Russian Kitty, one of the best characters ever.

Cats and Dogs is fun to watch. The story balances the boy and his dog with the dogs saving the world aspect. The writing is very good and there are quite a few great one-liners like "Evil does not wear a bonnet" and the dog expletive "Son of my mom"

There are quite a few very original and funny scenes including the one where Mr. Tinkles impersonates his rich owner and goes to his factory.

Special features for Cats and Dogs Blu-ray are a banal director's commentary track, a Making Of, Storyboard Comparison, and a short on how they trained the animals. In an Easter Egg sort of thing right arrow will highlight a ninja cat, Lou, Mr. Tinkles, and a spike ball and reveal more minor features like a test reel, slideshow, and trailer.

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