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Action - Batman Under the Red Hood Blu-ray

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Vatman Under the Red Hood Blu-ray
Batman, Night Wing, Black Mask
Red Hood, Joker
Warner Premiere 2010

Batman Under the Red Hood Blu-ray is a kick ass 75 minute action heavy animated Batman story. The animation is generally superb with only a few cut and paste shots and overly long chase scenes. You do not have to be familiar with the Batman mytharc to enjoy the new version of the caped crusader. This is good news for those who remember comic books being less than 50 cents. The many special features on this Blu-ray are almost as cool as Batman Under the Red Hood.

Under the Red Hood opens in war torn Sarajevo with the death of Robin aka Jason Todd at the hands of the Joker. 5 years later Batman is fighting a baddie called Black Mask, the only master criminal who has been able to control Gotham city in the last twenty years. This time around Batman helped by Nightwing aka the first Robin. They learn there is a new bad guy in town, somebody called Red Hood. He is also after Black Mask.

Batman starts wondering who is hiding under the red hood. He finds out and this leads to an excellent showdown.

The Joker plays a role here and this always adds to the story.

There is a major continuity glitch and a spelling mistake in Under the Red Hood. Black Mask s minions destroy a club called the Baret Rouge (should be Beret) that belongs to Red Hood. You then see Red Hood looking on outside a totally different looking club called the Rusty Nail.

Special features on Batman Under the Red Hood include The Story of Dick Grayson, a very interesting if somewhat ponderous 25-minute look at the first Robin and Robins Requiem, a 20 minute look at the Jason Todd Robin. 2 episodes from Batman The Animated series and 2 episodes from New Batman Adventures. DC Showcase: Jonah Hex - animated short.  

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