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Science Fiction - Stargate Universe SGU 1.5

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Stargate Universe - SGU 1.5
Justin Louis, Robert Carlyle, David Blue
Alaina Huffman, Elyse Levesque
3 DVD 10 episodes
Fox Home Entertainment 2010

Stargate Universe or SGU 1.5 is a 3 DVD collection of the last 10 episodes of Season One for this new chapter in the Stargate Franchise. If you liked Stargate and Stargate Atlantis you are probably going to enjoy Stargate Universe SGU 1.5.

The premise for Stargate Universe is not that different from that of Stargate Atlantis. A bunch of humans end up stranded together, this time on a ship and not a base, and must find a way home. The main difference between Universe and Atlantis is in Universe the military led by Colonel Young and the scientists led by Rush are two feuding factions. Both Atlantis and the Destiny ship in Universe are full of unexplored sectors and they are in an unexplored section of space. The ship also decides where it wants to go.

Some Stargate fans find SGU darker. In part because the set is dark, sort of like DS9 was. This is also because the crewmembers do not all get along like one big happy family. Anyone who has worked anywhere knows this is closer to reality than the all for one one for all Atlantis.

Most refreshing is the scientists are not necessarily the good guys here and the military not your usual science fiction jackbooted thugs. Also, SGU does not yet feature a Rodney who fixes or figures out everything in the nick of time although Eli comes close.

Stargate Universe 1.5 opens with Colonel Young having left Rush behind and accidentally contacting blue aliens. Rush being a central character, you know he is going to show up again. When he does things get very complicated on Destiny.

The storylines are generally quite good. Pain, DVD 2 of Stargate Universe SGU 1.5 is superb.

Special Features for this Stargate Universe DVD set are commentary track for all episodes, Kino clips, and SML which is a bitch to navigate but holds other featurettes. A nice touch is SGU 1.5 comes with a fold out box to hold both season one volumes.

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