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Mainstream - The Joneses Blu-ray

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The Joneses Blu-ray
Demi Moore, David Duchovny, Amber Heard
Directed by Derrick Borte>br/>Fox Home Entertainment 2010
96 minutes

The Joneses is a social satire starring Demi Moore and David Duchovny. This  Blu-ray is quite fun to watch but you end up with the feeling that had this movie really gone for the consumer society jugular it would have been much better. As is The Joneses is original. There is unfortunately a lack of special features on The Joneses Blu-ray: two deleted scenes is sparse.

Mr. and Mrs. Jones and their two kids (Amber Heard of Pineapple Express and Ben Hollingsworth) are the perfect American family. They live in a gorgeous house, drive great cars, and have all the latest gadgets. They quickly befriend their next door neighbors, the Symonds, and Steve Jones uses Larry Symonds to get into the local golf club where he basically spends his days.

It turns out the Joneses are stealth marketers whose job is to create demand for specific products. They are very good at it and soon everybody starts looking and buying like the model family.

All this consumerism eventually has a price though.

This is where this social satire fails. The parallel between the Joneses and the Symonds is established but not really explored. Only one character pays the price for keeping up with the Joneses.

No doubt the test audience for this movie was a busload of churchgoing bingo playing senior citizens. How else can you explain the ending.

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