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Mainstream - Percy Jackson & the Olympians - The Titan s Curse

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The Titan's Curse
Percy Jackson & the Olympians Book 3
Rick Riordan
Hyperion 336 pages

A sequel you want to experience on the big screen is The Titan's Curse.  The third novel in Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, it is rich with excitement, action and adventure.

Complete with terrifying monsters, powerful gods, weird creatures, strange landscapes, flight scenes, fight scenes, good vs evil...The special effects would be amazing.

Riordan s characters are interesting and well-developed.  We learn more about their strengths and foibles, as the book and series progress.

Summoned by the satyr Grover, our hero, 14 year-old Percy Jackson unites with his other demigod friends, Annabeth and Thalia, to retrieve two mysterious half bloods whose parentage is unknown.

A kidnapping occurs, and a goddess is lost.  When a search party is dispatched, Percy risks being part of a deadly prophesy by breaking the rules and joining the quest to find her.

The result is a consistently fast-paced and exciting book. 

Riordan makes Greek myths cool as he weaves them into remarkable, larger than life stories that are fun and frightening at the same time. 

The Titan s Curse solidly stands on its own, so it is not necessary to read the previous two novels in order to understand and appreciate the characters, and progression of events.  That being said, the series to date is very entertaining and highly recommended
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J Curran

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