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Foreign Film - Film Movement Canada

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Film Movement is the coolest thing to hit Canada since snow. If you like films and not movies, if you go to the cinema and not the theater, and you are able to read subtitles without moving your lips Film Movement is for you. With Film Movement Canada you can enjoy the kinds of films presented at the Toronto International Film Festival without every having to go to Toronto; if that does not convince you, nothing will.

Film Movement is a foreign film DVD of the month club. We have reviewed quite a few of their releases, check our foreign film section, and are usually impressed with the quality and originality of the films chosen for subscription or individual sale. Each DVD also features a bonus short film from another country. These too are usually quite interesting.

Subscriptions to Film Movement are (Aug 2010) $149.99 for 12 months and 12 DVD, $84.99 for 6 months and 6 DVD, $45.99 for 3 months. A monthly subscription is $16.99.

The advantage of the subscription is that you get to watch the movie before everyone else does. Subscribers also get a discount on other titles.

If you know someone who loves good cinema, a gift subscription to Film Movement is certainly superior to just about anything you can get in stores.

Full disclosure: Film Movement Canada has given us a 3-month trial subscription. This in no way affects my opinion of this company and its releases as past reviews here below prove.

Some of our  Film Movement DVD reviews:
France - Her Name Is Sabine / Son nom est Sabine - Documentary

Mexico - The Violin: Superb movie about dignity and an old man and his violin.

Uruguay - The Pope's Toilet / El bano del Papa

Norway - Buddy

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