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Foreign Film - Slovenia - A Call Girl

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A Call Girl
Nina Ivanisin, Marusa Kink
Directed by Damian Kosole
Slovenian with English subtitles
Slovenia 2009
Film Movement Canada 2010

A Call Girl is the September 2010 foreign film DVD from Film Movement Canada. This is an original and decent enough movie. Because of its very detached tone, A Call Girl is also an atypical film. That is perhaps what some look for in a foreign film experience but this viewer was left rather cold.

Alexandra (Nina Ivanisin) is a university student who pays for school and more through prostitution. This is presented in a flat, cold tone that reflects how distant she is from her encounters. One of Alexandra s clients dies of a heart attack so the police are trying to find her. She also draws the attention of two pimps who make her an offer she cannot refuse. This seriously disrupts her plans.

A secondary story involves Alexandra s father and one of his pals in the small village she comes from.

It is a little difficult to get into this foreign film and not only because of the tone. Alexandra is very distant from what she does. She is also very manipulative. This makes it hard to care about her.

This is not a spoiler: The ending leaves a lot to be desired.

Every Film Movement DVD features a short feature. This time it is Honored by American director Stephanie Fischette. It.stars Elizabeth Moss (Mad Men, Zoey Bartlett on The West Wing) and Charles Borland.  The premise is an ex-soldier brings back letters to an Iraq war widow. It is an interesting short film though the performances are rather mannered.

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