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Mainstream - Marmaduke

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Marmaduke, Lee Pace, William H. Macy
Voices by Owen Wilson, George Lopez
Directed by Tom Dey
Fox Home Entertainment 2010
87 minutes

All most people want out of a family DVD is something that will entertain the kids and not bore the adults to death. Marmaduke is that kind of DVD. The live action and CGI take on the Brad Anderson comic strip relies on scatological humor to get some laughs. This said, Marmaduke is a decent enough family movie that should keep the young ones interested but not more than once. There's even a bit of a message for parents who like that stuff.

Adults should not look for more than a collage of comic scenes and get used to bone jarring bad puns.

Marmaduke is a somewhat dense and out of control Great Dane with a good heart. Life changes when he and his family move from Kansas to California so Phil Wilson can work for Don Twombly, owner of a green dog food company. Marmaduke is a fish out of water -or is it a dog out of dog park?- in California but so is the Wilson family.

The first day at the dog park where Wilson's boss likes to hang out establishes the sniffing hierarchy and Marmaduke s love interest. The Great Dane also makes a few friends who are part of the outcasts. Marmaduke gets a crush on a Collie in the in-crowd and does not see Mazie (Emma Stone) has one on him.

Stuff happens and Marmaduke gets in trouble. There's also a bit of a sad scene, nothing bad though, and an action scene that is a bit much for a kid s movie.

Of course, all is well that ends well.

Special features on Marmaduke Blu-ray and DVD set are Cowabarka! Surfing Dogs; Canine Casting; Marmaduke Mayhem! Gag Reel; Deleted Scenes; Puppy Marmaduke and Kitty Carlos: Home Movies.
Special features on the DVD are Cowabarka, Canine Casting, and Deleted Scenes. I would have preferred the Gag Reel to the Casting option.

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