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Documentary - Laughology - Directed by Albert Nerenberg

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Directed by Albert Nerenberg
Documentary DVD
The Disinformation Company 2010
66 minutes plus extras

Albert Nerenberg is an excellent documentary filmmaker with credits like Stupidity (2003) and the cinema verite like "Let's All Hate Toronto". I am also convinced he did an excellent film about insomnia but can't track it down no matter how hard I try. His latest documentary, Laughology, is now available on DVD and it is of course excellent.

Laughology is about the importance of laughter. The documentary looks at everything from its origins to its health benefits. Nerenberg also glances a bit on laughter in animals and one experiment in a dog shelter is especially revealing.

This filmmaker s great talent is to make his subject funny and interesting without dumbing it down. Laughology features a neurologist, a cardiologist, and a neuroscientist. None of them talk down to the audience.

Nerenberg also looks at the role of laughter in the Inuit culture and how it enhanced their ability to survive long, dark winters.

The silly moment in Laughology involves Doug Collins, the man with the world s most contagious laughter (and it really is). Still, the film gets gets scientific information from that too.

There are also a few quacks interviewed but they too are treated seriously and have something to say.

Laughology is as funny as it is superb.

Extras on this documentary DVD are extended scenes.

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