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Science Fiction - Mars Attacks! Blu-ray

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Mars Attacks! Blu-ray
Jack Nicholson, Glenn Close, Pierce Brosnan
Directed by Tim Burton
Originally released 1996
Widescreen with black bars
Warner Home Video 2010

If it is a Tim Burton movie it has to be weird. Mars Attacks! Blu-ray is weird cubed. This space comedy features a long list of stars including Sarah Jessica Parker, Michael J. Fox, and Martin Short. This is a movie you either go along with or don't. Special features on Mars Attacks! Blu-ray are as numerous as the screams you hear in the vacuum of space.

Mars Attacks! is a salute to fifties science fiction B-movies with a seventies disaster flick approach. The similarities with Independence Day, also released that summer, are but odd coincidence.

This movie's biggest weakness is it takes quite a while to set up for the meeting between Martian and human only to then set up a second meeting. It finally gets kicking at the seventy minute mark when the Martians invade the White House.

You also get the feeling this space comedy is pulling its punches. Aside from the gag with the Washington Monument, Burton fails to make this movie funny most of the time so eventually Mars Attacks becomes just a fifties sci-fi B-movie in late nineties garb.

For a spoof and salute like this to work the violence itself has to be comical. Here it only starts getting fun once the two boys get hold of a ray gun and even then the fun is very sporadic.

Mars Attacks! has its moments but not soon enough. The last thirty minutes are quite fun though.

Look for Jim Brown and Pam Grier of seventies Blacksploitation films, Rod Steiger (In the Heat of the Night), Natalie Portman, Jack Black in a crew cut, Joe Don Baker, and Tom Jones.

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