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Mainstream - Bull Durham Blu-ray

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Bull Durham Blu-ray
Kevin Costner, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins
Directed by Ron Shelton
Originally released 1988
Fox Home Entertainment 2010

Odd. That is pretty much the first reaction to the Bull Durham Blu-ray release. Blu-ray DVD duo packs are a good thing but this time it is because all the special features including two commentary tracks are only available on the DVD. The DVD is the Bull Durham 20th  Anniversary disc.

Bull Durham is the story of a minor league baseball team, Crash Davis, a seasoned catcher (Costner), Annie, a very knowledgeable and talented groupie (Sarandon), and a hot pictching prospect named Nuke LaLoosh (Robbins) who on his first game established league records for walks, strike-outs, and hit mascots.

Crash has been hired to make LaLoosh into the pro he is promising to be. Annie has her own way of making a ball player better. Together, they might make Nuke LaLoosh and the Bulls champions.

Bull Durham is a great movie if you are a baseball fan. It is a little less so if you are not. This is a movie where everything works including secondary characters like the assistant coach (Robert Wuhl). Veteran Crash Davis gives the viewer an in into pro baseball including where players get the clichés they always serve in interviews.

This is an excellent mix of comedy and light drama.

Special features on the DVD are commentary track with director Ron Shelton, commentary track with Costner and Robbins, The Greatest Show on Earth feature, Diamonds in the Rough feature, a Making of, Kevin Costner profile, and Sports Wrap.

Other very good baseball movies:

American Pastime   Human drama about Japanese internment camps and America's game.

Bottom of the Ninth   Great documentary about minor league team's season

The Natural   A classic


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