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Horror - Night of the Living Dead Reanimated

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Night of the Living Dead Reanimated
Various Artists
Directed by Mike Schneider
Animated Black & White
MVD Visual 2010
101 minutes

Night of the Living Dead Reanimated DVD is either way cool or fun but irritating: it depends on the viewer. If you know someone who is an animation or a George Romero fanatic this DVD is going to give them something very close to an orgasm. This movie is a must see at least a couple of times. There are also 2 hours of extra features to get through, an hour of which is interesting stuff.
If you are a casual fan of Romero's classic, you will probably find this movie fun but a bit much..

Everybody will agree that the introduction by some schmuck in a Dracula costume blows chunks.

This is a shot-for-shot scene-for-scene animated recreation of George Romero's Night of the Living using the original soundtrack. As such, this DVD is really fascinating. It even makes for a pretty good zombie movie if you are very familiar with the original.

If you are a casual fan of the Romero classic one particular aspect of Night of the Living Dead Reanimated makes it hard to really enjoy. The original Night of the Living Dead is 101 minutes and Reanimated features 100 different artists and styles. You do not have to be Sheldon or Leonard to figure out this means the movie changes styles every minute or so.

The artists and their styles are also vastly different. This makes it even more difficult to concentrate on the movie as the main characters keep changing appearance and style, sometimes quite radically, and you are continually forced to refocus to figure out who is who and what is going on. This becomes a bit too much work for the payoff.

There are 2 hours of special features on Night of the Living Dead Reanimated. They include Commentary with curator horror author Jonathan Maberry;  ‘Making of NOTLD:R' commentary track; NOTLD:R artist call-in commentaries featuring everybody who contributed; Coloring Book contest entries; Alternate/ Deleted scenes; Short films; Horror comics and related horror art; Trailers; Behind the Scenes: Animation Processes; The Zombie Encounter Panel discussion video; "Night of the Living Box Art" video; and so on and so on.

Some of these special features like the Night of the Living Dead Box Art are nerd cubed: 32 minutes of some guy showing off his Night of the Living Dead VHS box collection.

I could not for the life of me figure out how to get the horror comics onto my computer as the DVD says I can.

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