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Mainstream - Bugs Bunny s Howl-oween Special

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Bugs Bunny's Howl-oween Special
Bugs Bunny, Witch Hazel, Daffy Duck
Made for TV 1978
Warner Home Video 2010

Bugs Bunny's Howl-oween Special DVD is a rather clumsy collage of witch and monster scenes from various Looney Tunes cartoons that tries to tell a story of some kind. Adults will pine for the full, original cartoons from which these clips came but kids should enjoy this 25-minute montage. For some reason the DVD cover says 35 minutes but that would be counting the bonus feature: a decent print of Hair-Raising Hare. The print used for this release is decent enough with some dust and other specs.

The Howl-oween Special was made for TV in 1978. It is hard to make rabbit heads or tails of this series of clips. I am not sure this Bugs Bunny cartoon tries very hard to make sense. There is a modicum of additional animation to splice various cartoons together but that is about it.

Also, do not think too hard about continuity. Witch Hazel changes dress color, hat style, and skin color in just about every sequence.

This is an odd release but if the price is right the kids will enjoy it once. Special features also include a puzzle game.

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