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Mainstream - Mom Reviewed - Goosebumps The Blob That Ate Everyone

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Goosebumps - The Blob That Ate Everyone
Based on the R.L. Stine books
3 episodes 1 DVD
Fox Home Entertainment 2010

It was with some excitement and apprehension that my kids sat down  to watch the first episode on this Goosebumps DVD -the mere words  "goose bumps" made them nervous enough to huddle together closely on the couch with mom close by.   

The feature episode "The Blob that Ate Everything" is about a young boy, Zack,  who sets off the write a scary story.  Zack finds himself an old typewriter in a beaten-down store and starts writing his story.  No sooner has he finished the first sentences that the events strangely start happening.  Zack shakes it off as coincidence but he soon realizes that there is something peculiar about the typewriter he is using...it makes his story come to life!   Zack has to scramble to finish his story before the blob he created eats everyone in town. 

The first five minutes set the tone for the entire episode with typically scary scenes:  lights going off in the house, stormy weather, spooky footsteps in the hallway, and mysterious knocking at the front door.  At this point, my kids had already turned the lights back on in the room and closed the basement door.  For kids who scare easily (like mine), the eerie real-life quality of those scenes is enough to make kids want to sleep with the lights on for a few nights.  The blob itself was somewhat disappointing and unrealistic though; however, it is the setting, acting, and sound effects that make this episode a real scare. 

The two other episodes on Goosebumps The Blob That Ate Everyone are lighter on the scare factor.  In the second, slightly less creepy episode "Piano Lessons are Murder", Jerry is woken up by mysterious piano playing in the middle of night.  When he goes to see who it is, he finds a spooky ghost telling him to stay away.   Jerry ignores the ghost's advice and enrols at the Shreek School for piano lessons... where he soon discovers why the weird old piano teacher has taken a special interest in his hands.    This episode provides about half the scare of "The Blob" but still manages to be spooky enough for my kids to stay clear of the basement for a few days.

The last episode on this Goosebumps DVD, "My Hairiest Adventure", is genuinely more amusing than scary.  Larry and his friends put on some expired tanning lotion and one by one they start disappearing.  But what's with all the hair they're suddenly growing?  A cute episode reminiscent of the Shaggy Dog movie but with a twist!   My kids loved this episode and were not the least bit scared! 

The Goosebumps DVD The Blob That Ate Everyone has something for everyone on the scare spectrum.  

Audrey Blair

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