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Mainstream - The Player Blu-ray

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The Player Blu-ray
Tim Robbins, Vincent D?Onofrio,Hollywood
Directed by Robert Altman
Originally released 1992
Fox Home Entertainment 2010

Robert Altman's The Player is a natural for Blu-ray release. This is a mystery movie for cinephiles and they will willingly cough up the buckage for the Blu-ray version. Aside from a high definition picture there is no new content added to The Player Blu-ray. Special features are a commentary track with the writer and director Robert Altman, deleted scenes, a feature on Altman, and the trailer.

If ever there was a film made for a pop-up factoid feature, The Player is it. Unfortunately, The Player has never had that feature. This is a movie where you know you are missing inside jokes and movie references left and right as you watch it.

Tim Robbins plays a studio executive named Griffin Mill. Mill is getting death threats from a writer he ignored. He is also under a lot of pressure as it seems he might be replaced by another young hot shot named Larry Levy.

Aside from adding there is a murder it is difficult to say more about this movie without revealing some major plot points. Let's just say the murder does not solve the killer's problem and Griffin Mill is being followed by a strange looking dude played by Lyle Levett.

The Player is fun even if you are not a film fan though as a mystery there is too much going on for it to work.. The problem is it is hard to not play spot the cameo and what's-his-name? and this distracts from the experience.

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