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Horror - Woke Up Dead

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Woke Up Dead
Jon Heder, Krysten Ritter, Josh Gad
Originally webisodes
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2010
84 minutes

Woke Up Dead has all the charm of a low-budget indie movie without the charm or the movie. This tries to be comic zombie DVD is a montage of the original 5-7 minute webisodes. Nowhere on the jacket does it say Season One or Part One or tell you the story is really incomplete and probably never will be.

Jon Heder plays a zombie and the main problem is Heder is too stiff to be a believable zombie and nobody else here has the talent to upstage him.

Drex Greene (Heder) goes to a party and finds his girlfriend having sex with another guy. He accepts a headache pill from the guy. He wakes up in a body bag and scares medical student Cassie (Krysten Ritter, Breaking Bad) who for some unexplained reason was working at the morgue. His roommate and buddy Matt filmed the incident and films everything from that point on.

Drex gets a job working data entry. His colleague is played by Wayne Knight who was Newman on Seinfeld and is just as bad and annoying here.

Drex tries to find the guy who gave him the pill and finds out he is not alone.

Woke Up Dead is what this sort of series did. You really, really have to be a Jon Heder Napoleon Dynamite fan to stomach this wannabe zombedy.

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