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Science Fiction - Fringe Blu-ray - The Complete Second Season

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Fringe - The Complete Second Season Blu-ray
John Noble, Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson
22 Episodes 4 Blu-ray Discs
Originally aired FOX 2009-10
Warner Home Video 2010

Fringe is a good mix of the supernatural, horror, and the thriller. The Complete Second Season Blu-ray hangs its main storyline on the ol' alternate universe. This is an excellent show but that is where this viewer's willing suspension of disbelief takes exception. Less jaded people will enjoy The Complete Second Season of Fringe, especially on Blu-ray where the show benefits from high definition.

Fringe Clip

Fringe is a group of FBI agents looking into unusual and paranormal events. The agents are Olivia Dunham (Torv) and Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson). Some of these events are somehow related to the work of semi-mad scientist Walter Bishop, Peter's father, who is also part of the team. The events may or may not be connected to a greater Pattern or connected to a company started by a friend of Bishop Sr. using his research.

Fringe Season 2 opens with Dunham reappearing an hour after a car accident. She has been in an alternate place and spoken to someone who told her something important though she cannot remember who or what. The first episode also has a soldier from said alternate universe assuming the identity of an important secondary character. This is where the wheels really came off for this reviewer.

If you get past that alternate universe storyline, Fringe is an excellent supernatural thriller with a serious horror twist. Individually the episodes are generally very good and independent. There are a few plot holes here and there such as in Johari Window.

There is a bonus episode on disc 4 in the special features. It too is quite good. I am not sure why it is there and not in the series ordinary sequence as episode 11.

A very minor complaint: the Blu-ray discs could have indicated episode numbers.

Special features for Fringe The Complete Season DVD or Blu-ray are The Mythology of Fringe: Analyzing the scene sidebars on six key episodes; In the lab with John Noble and prop master Rob Smith; Commentary on four episodes; Gag reel; and Dissected Files aka Unaired scenes
Fringe - The Complete First Season Blu-ray

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