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Action - Human Target Blu-ray - Season One

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Human Target - The Complete First Season Blu-ray
Mark Valley, Chi McBride, Jackie Earle Haley
12 episodes 2 discs
Originally aired 2010
Warner Home Video 2010

Human Target is an excellent action packed TV show. The series proves you do not need complicated premises, characters, or mytharc to get viewers interested. Human Target is simply a well-written and well-made action TV show with a solid cast. The Complete First Season 12 episodes 2 discs of Human Target Blu-ray more than kicks ass and is also available on 3 DVD.

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Mark Valley plays the mysterious Christopher Chance. Chance is a bodyguard and investigator for hire whose main tactic is to put himself between his client and the person out to harm him or her, hence the title Human Target. His boss, partner, office manager is Winston, played by Chi McBride. The just as mysterious if not more so Guererro is the team's computer and research expert.

Episodes give a tidbit of information about a character's past. Episode 4 really raises the ante. The last season one episode of Human Target reveals how everybody got together.

The pilot of this action TV show is weak. The second episode, Rewind, is where Human Target really gets its legs. The plot is complicated and like many others the episode features a couple of long flashbacks but the show never lets you lose focus on what is going on and why. There are, of course, a couple of good fight sequences.

The action sequences in this show will remind many of the later James Bond films.

Human Target does have an annoying tendency to dispatch baddies out the door or window of a mode of transportation in just about every episode. It is almost a running gag.

Kim Coates (Sons of Anarchy) plays a bad guy in episode 7)

Special features on Human Target Season 1 Blu-ray and DVD are
Human Target: Confidential Informant Featurette; Human Target: Movie-sized Action on Television Featurette; Commentary Track on Pilot; Deleted Scenes

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