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Mainstream - Fred - The Movie

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Fred - The Movie
Lucas Cruikshank, Jennette McCurdy, Pixie Lott
Direct3ed by Clay Weiner
Lionsgate 2010
83 minutes

Fred The Movie is either the most entertaining and surreal or the most irritating movie ever. Lucas Cruikshank invented a fifteen-year-old boy named Fred and uses an Alvin Chipmunk voice to talk to the camera about the goings on in his life. Fred Figglehorn became a YouTube superstar and got picked up by Nickelodeon. His first made-for-TV movie is now available on DVD. It might say Nickelodeon but this is not, repeat not a family movie if you have young kids.

Fred The Movie is a simple story about Fred being afraid to declare his love to neighbor Judy and when he is ready to do so finding out she moved. Fred then goes on a quest to find his true love. Fred has a rival named Kevin. Fred's mother is permanently hung over and his imaginary dad is a stereotypical muscle head.

Cruikshank is a good actor and this is not just a dumbed down story. Fans will enjoy the slapstick and surreal aspects.

For Fred The Movie to work you have to get used to the main character and if you do the whole concept works. If not, Fred is more irritating than hearing nails on a blackboard while having your teeth drilled on an airplane full of crying babies.

Fred The Movie has no educational or moral value whatsoever. This is just sugar coated psychedelic popcorn. Parents will no doubt cringe at some of the things Fred does.

If your child is the kind to get addicted to a movie and play it over and over again you will want to check out the character on YouTube before getting this.

Special features on the DVD are From Web-Cam to Leading Man" - Follow Fred's journey to fame in this in-depth documentary...as told by the boy himself along with the executives who gave him his first movie deal; "Fred's First Film: Same Dude, Big Crew" - A behind-the-scenes look at the making of Fred's first feature film which includes talent and filmmaker interviews; An all-new never-before-seen Fred video; Classic Fred video; Audio commentary with director Clay Weiner, writer David Goodman and actor Lucas Cruikshank

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