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Action - The Karate Kid (2010) Blu-ray DVD Combo

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The Karate Kid (2010) Blu-ray DVD Combo
Jackie Chan, Jaden Smith, Taraji P. Henson
Directed by Harald Zwart
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2010

If a movie was a success, Hollywood remakes it. Such is the case for 1984's The Karate Kid with Ralph Macchio and Noriyuki Pat Morita. Normally the remake blows. This is not the case here. The inspiring story about overcoming obstacles and passing on tradition is still an excellent movie. The 2010 version may transpose the story to China but pretty much follows the original, making for solid entertainment. This new The Karate Kid is available as DVD, Blu-ray, or Blu-ray DVD combo.

The Karate Kid 2010 adds the element of being in a strange country with a new culture and not being able to communicate properly. It also messes with the expectations fans of the original version have in scenes like Jackie Chan trying to catch a fly with his chopsticks. The new version of wax on wax off is a bit lame but fun.

Not that all this matters if you are a kid. On an entertainment and story level The Karate Kid 2010 works. The fight scenes are very good, the story is good (well duh), and overall the new version of the movie works.

China is also always an interesting and spectacular setting and the movie uses it well.

The weak element in The Karate Kid is Jaden Smith. Rocks are less sullen than the movie producers' kid. In addition the Karate Kid here Dre (Jaden Smith) is more a Hollywood-movie kid and much more of an a-hole. His mother (Taraji P. Henson) is single mom type 132-B-3.
The Karate Kid DVD: Feature Film; Interactive Feature: Chinese Lesson; Just for Kicks: The Making of The Karate Kid; Music Video: Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never," Featuring Jaden Smith
The Karate Kid Blu-ray DVD Digital Copy Combo Pack: Blu-ray: Same Special Features as the DVD plus Alternate Ending : Watch Jackie Chan Fight!; Interactive Feature: On Location: The Karate Kid Interactive Map of China; Production Diaries Hosted by Jackie Chan; movieIQ+syncTM; PS3 Wallpaper Theme; Digital copy of the film for the PSP

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