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Foreign Film - Argentina - The Secret In Their Eyes Blu-ray

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The Secret In Their Eyes
Ricardo Darin, Soledad Villamil, Pablo Rago
Directed by Juan Jose Campanella
Spanish with English Subtitles
Argentina 2009
Sony Pictures Classics 2010
129 minutes

The Secret In Their Eyes is an absolutely superb mystery from Argentina. It is a movie about obsession in its many guises. Watching this foreign film Blu-ray it is easy to see why it won the 2010 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. Every performance, every moment works.

Ricardo Darin plays Benjamin Esposito, a retired detective who out of boredom decides to write a book. The book is a way for him to open doors to the past. These include an unsolved murder and his relationship with a young prosecutor who is now an old friend and a judge.

The Secret In Their Eyes keeps the viewer a bit off balance at first because we are not familiar with the Argentine legal system. To explain it quickly, Esposito is one of the two cops on Law and Order except McCoy is a judge, not a prosecutor.

This foreign film also keeps the viewer off balance because of its many flashbacks. In some ways the backstory is told in the present.

The young Esposito is obsessed with the murder of Liliana Coloto and so is the now retired Esposito. In part this obsession comes from the deep love Liliana and her husband Ricardo had for each other, a love Esposito feels but cannot express.

To get one of the major developments in The Secret In Their Eyes you have to understand part of the story takes place during the Peron dictatorship.

This movie's ending will certainly make you think.

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