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Mainstream - He s Your Dog, Charlie Brown

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He s Your Dog, Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown, Snoopy
Lucy Van Pelt, Linus Van Pelt
2 episodes 1 DVD
Warner Home Video 2010

He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown is one of the least interesting cartoons in the series. The second episode on this DVD, Life Is A Circus, Charlie Brown is somewhat better but certainly not a classic.  The DVD also includes a profile of the ice rink Charles Schultz built. The programs are fullscreen and do look remastered. This 2 cartoon set is for collectors only.

The first cartoon, 1968's He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown has Snoopy misbehaving for not particular reason. He goes around kicking people and so on. Charlie Brown decides to send his dog to obedience school. On the way there Snoopy stops over at Peppermint Patty's for the night. Stuff happens.

There is little of interest in this cartoon. There are maybe a couple of decent gags but that's it. The animation is at best pedestrian and at worse amateurish such as the scene with Snoopy and the lawnmower.

In Life is a Circus, Charlie Brown (1980) the circus is in town and Snoopy falls in love with on of the poodles in an animal act. He gets enrolled in the act and does not do very well. Stuff happens.

A good Charlie Brown cartoon like the classic It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown or A Charlie Brown Christmas have an actual story to tell. Parents who like educational DVD can do something with these two. The cartoons here have little to contribute. 

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