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Action - RoboCop Blu-ray - The RoboCop Trilogy

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RoboCop Blu-ray
The RoboCop Trilogy
Peter Weller, Nancy Allen, Kurtwood Smith
Directed by Paul Verhoeven
Originally released 1987
Fox Home Entertainment 2010

RoboCop does not look that good on Blu-ray. From the second confrontation at the deserted factory on it  looks like it was copied from a VHS tape. The high definition also emphasizes the fact the CGI used to animate the ED-209, RoboCop's rival so to speak, are now more than twenty years old. The first movie is excellent, the sequel is decent, the third is the reason there was not a fourth. Special features are nonexistent on all three movies

RoboCop is a very good dystopian science fiction-ish action movie. Set in a post-Bush Detroit where crime is at its highest and the police force has been taken over by a corporation who benefited from the tax cuts that created the need for more police. The movie has a sense of humor so there are some rather funny moments

Peter Weller plays a cop killed by a really bad guy. His body is then grafted onto a cyborg style structure to create RoboCop, a bullet proof supercop. Robocop gets flashes from his past, goes after the men who killed him, finds out there is a conspiracy, and is then hunted by both the cops and the bad guys. He is rescued and assisted by his former partner played by Nancy Allen

One of the highlights of this movie is Kurtwood Smith who plays the main bad guy. He brings a fun madness to the character and the movie.

The story has a few holes here and there. You also most certainly do not want to play spot the continuity mistakes with Robocop as there are about as many as shots fired.

It is unfortunate there is not more to The Robocop Trilogy Blu-ray than the films themselves and more care was given to the transfer to Blu-ray

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