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Mainstream - Please Give

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Please Give
Catherine Keener, Amanda Peet, Oliver Platt
Directed by Nicole Holofcener
Sony Pictures Classics 2010
90 minutes

Sony Pictures Classics has some really good movies in its line-up. All of the 8 films in the previews for Please Give sound better than Please Give itself. Hell, the previews are better than this supposedly dark comedy starring Oliver Platt and Amanda Peet.

Please Give is a variation on the New York City couple waiting for the old lady next door to die so they can get a better apartment. Such a variation is Dublex with Drew Barrymore. Here the couple is two people who run a vintage furniture store they supply by low-balling people whose parents just died. They have a teenage daughter who has the usual teenage girl neurosis. The biggest variation is the old lady has two daughters, a nice one and a not so nice one.  The story here is how the lives of all these people connect.

This is a movie only people who live in NYC can really get. Director Nicole Holofcener fails to make any of these characters or situations connect with anybody else.

There is also the added handicap that aside from Rebecca (Rebecca Hall) none of these characters are even close to likeable.

There are a couple of funny moments in Please Give but very little in this movie makes it worth sitting through for those rare instances.

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