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Horror - Assault of the Sasquatch

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Assault of the Sasquatch
Kevin Shea, Greg Nutcher, Jason Criscoulo
Directed by Andrew Gernhard
Synthetic Cinema 2010

Assault of the Sasquatch could have been surprisingly good for a movie with a guy in a cheap-ass gorilla suit. Unfortunately the director does not seem to know if he is making a scary movie, a really awful comedy, or a very low budget Harry and the Hendersons. As a B-movie monster flick Assault of the Sasquatch works but the other two movies get in the way

The premise is your basic creature taken out of its natural habitat by a nasty poacher is set loose in the big city or in this case New Haven. The sasquatch goes around town looking into buildings for a while. Don and Murph are two YouTube morons part of some sasquatch society or something film the creature looking into a young woman's bedroom while she undresses. They are the very bad and unwelcome comic relief.

Another of Assault of the Sasquatch's  weak points is it introduces too many characters at the beginning instead of focusing on the main story. The last thing you want to keep track of in a monster movie is who is who and connected to who. The acting is far better than what you get in your usual indie flick.

Things get really fun once the creature decides to stop looking around and start killing folk. The movie has good moments such as when the police secretary decides to take on monkeysuit and when she sort of escapes from the underground passage.

The gore level is pretty decent too.

Assault of the Sasquatch will please those who like low budget indie monster movies but will make few other fans.

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