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Science Fiction - Stargate Universe - The Complete First Season

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Stargate Universe - The Complete First Season
Robert Carlyle, Louis Ferreira, Elyse Levesque
20 episodes 6 DVD
Fox Home Entertainment 2010

Stargate Universe is the darkest series in the Stargate franchise. Unlike Atlantis, Continuum, or SG-1, the people in this series are not skilled and willing explorers on an adventure or mission. Stargate SGU is the story of a bunch of people lost in space on a ship called the Destiny. They are trying to find a way back to earth but Destiny has a mind and plan of its own.  Stargate SGU The Complete First Season features 20 episodes on 6 DVD and more than 2 hours of special features.

The biggest difference between SGU and the other series in the Stargate franchise is that here the military are not necessarily the bad guys and the scientists are not as pure of heart and so on as they are usually depicted. In fact, Doctor Rush (Robert Carlyle) is responsible for everybody being on Destiny. When Icarus base was attacked he selected that destination instead of the ships that could have taken everybody back to Earth. Colonel Young (Louis Ferreira) is the man trying to keep all these inexperienced civilians together and alive.

There are a few similarities between Stargate SGU and Atlantis. Eli is the computer nerd that usually finds the last minute solution to save everybody, much like Rodney on Atlantis. Greer, one of the soldiers in SGU, is slightly nuts as was the case for a soldier in the early seasons of Atlantis.

The interest in Stargate SGU is in the conflicts between the civilians and the military. Also, not everybody on board is noble and out for the good of the whole as politics and personal agenda are what some base their decisions on.

The only weak point with this science fiction series is the episodes form a myth arc so you can't really afford to miss any. That is why people get DVD sets in the first place.

Special Features are numerous on this Stargate DVD set. They include commentary tracks for each episode, an extended version of the pilot, kinos aka featurettes on the various characters, deleted scenes, and various profiles. The Blu-ray version has a whole bunch more goodies.

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