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Mainstream - The Mentalist The Complete Second Season DVD set

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The Mentalist The Complete Second Season
Simon Baker, Robin Tunney, Amanda Righetti
23 episodes 5 DVD
Warner Home Video 2010

If you like mystery TV shows where you get to solve the crime along with the detectives The Mentalist is right up your alley. Simon Baker plays Patrick Jane, a man with a gift for observation and deduction who helps the California Bureau of Investigation solve crimes. The Mentalist The Complete Second Season features twenty-three episodes on five DVD

TV psychic and entertainer Patrick Jane once made fun of a serial killer named Red John. Red John then killed his wife and child. Jane now spends his time trying to find the killer and assisting the team of detectives assigned to that case solve other cases.

The Mentalist uses many of the usual mystery TV tropes like the house with ghosts in it, a contestan being killed during a contest, and, of course, the detective finding himself behind bars for some reason and solving a jail crime of some sort. 

Not that the episodes in The Complete Second Season of this Mentalist DVD set are not enjoyable themselves. Jane is a strong character and so are his colleagues. This is especially true of his boss, Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney).

The second season of The Mentalist ends with a rather ordinary episode but the season itself is very good and there are a few major developments to keep the series fresh. It would be nice if there were more episodes like the one that shows Jane's past as a carnival attraction and scam artist.

Special features on The Mentalist The Complete Second Season are Mentalism A Subliminal Art a 10-part featurette with a real life mentalist named Luke Jermay and The Art of The Mentalist with producer Christ Long, There are of course deleted scenes.

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