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Mainstream - Robin Hood The Complete Series - Season One

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Robin Hood Season One
Robin Hood The Complete Series
Jonas Armstrong, Keith Allen, Richard Armitage
5 DVD 13 Episodes
BBC 2006
BBC Warner Home Entertainment 2010

The Sheriff of Nottingham steals taxes and a lot of the show in Robin Hood Season One. This 5 DVD 13 episode set is part of the superb three-season Robin Hood Collection. This is a BBC series so you know the acting, the writing, and the production values are there. If you like adventure and British TV series, you are really going to enjoy Robin Hood Season One.

Robin of Locksley (Jonas Armstrong) returns from the Crusades and finds a very different England under Prince John. He confronts the Sheriff of Nottingham (a superb villainous performance by Keith Allen), loses his lands, becomes an outlaw, and gathers a few men around him to defend the poor.

The BBC Robin Hood is simply superb. The story lines are interesting with lots of action and swordplay. There are a couple of annoyingly recurrent plot points like an outlaw getting captured to Robin and the gang can go rescue someone from the Sherriff's jail.

There is a modern echo to some of the episodes in Robin Hood Season One. In Peace? Off! a crusader suffers from shell shock. There is also the Sheriff using  "either you support the war or you are against us" as an excused for some of his nefarious deeds.

Women also get a better presence in this version of Robin Hood. Maid Marian is more than a damsel in distress and Djaq, one of Robin's men is a woman.

If the show has a soft point is Robin himself is not the most interesting character in the series and is easily upstaged by just about anybody.

Robin Hood The Complete Series three season set is something any BBC historical series and adventure TV fan will enjoy.

Special features on Robin Hood Season One are some episodes with commentary; a profile of Robin (disc 2), Guy of Gisborne (DVD 3), and of the Sheriff of Nottingham (DVD 4). The fifth disc is all features including a Making of, Dressing Of, Designing of the Hood, and four more Character Profiles.

Robin Hood The Complete Series is a 3-volume 15 DVD set.

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