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Horror - Troll 2 - 20th Anniversary Nilbog Edition

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Troll 2
Michael Stephenson, Bad Actor, Bad Actress
Directed by some schmuck
Originally released for some reason 1990 or 1991
Fox Home Entertainment 2010

Troll 2 is the only movie where baloney is a secret weapon. This is a movie best enjoyed with a good primo quality joint. Saying this low budget, no stars production is awful would be a compliment. The monster costumes in this really horrendous horror DVD are cheaper than what you can find at the last minute at Wal Mart for Halloween. If you collect movies that should not have been made Troll 2 DVD is a must for your collection.

12-year-old Michael Stephenson is the star of Troll 2. He plays Joshua Waits. The other lead actors have a pulse but that is about it for their on screen qualifications. The same cannot be said for the supporting cast. This said, you have to give Deborah Reed due credit for her performance as Creedence,

Joshua and his family go on vacation to an out of the way small town called Nilbog as part of some odd exchange program. The family consists of his mom and dad and his older and much cuter sister. The sister's boyfriend and his pals follow the family in a separate car.

Michael has an imaginary grandfather who reads him the story of goblins who remain vegetarians and still feed the old craving for human flesh by turning people into plants.

Why the movie is titled Trolls 2 when the grandfather reads about goblins is a good question. Another good question is if goblins are "the little people of the night" why are they chasing Peter at dawn and why is the sun at its zenith?

The most puzzling question is "Why am I watching this?"

Believe it or not Troll 2 is also available on Blu-ray.

No special features available.

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