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Mainstream - The Chuck Norris Thrillogy

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The Chuck Norris Thrillogy
Ian Spector
3 book collection
Gotham Books 2010

Being a woman and more familiar with the cliché character of The A-Team than Walker, Texas Ranger, I approached Ian Spector's Chuck Norris vs Mr. T. The Unauthorized Parody as well as the other two volumes in The Chuck Norris Thrillogy  with cautious skepticism about their entertainment value for me.

Practically dripping with the entire world's supply of testosterone, brawn, and sheer muscle mass, with a few brain cells thrown in for good measure, these easily read and generally enjoyable selection of quotable quotes run the gamut from sick, to silly, to intelligent, to just plain stupid, to incredibly funny and creative.

Gems include:  "Chuck Norris knows Victoria's secret." And he'd "eat your soul for a Klondike Bar."
"Mr. T. invented the x-ray, the G-string, the R-rating, and Jay Z after a drunken bender caused him to momentarily forget which letter he was."
(They are much funnier within the book's context.)

I learned a lot about guy stuff:  bodily functions, sexual prowess, roundhouse kicks, pitying the fools, and what Chuck Norris would do.

The sexual exploits may be offensive to some, but then again, so can the gratuitous
violence, references to Jesus, and the occasional consumption of children.  Take it all as intended, with a humorous grain of salt.

Illustrations by Vildasol and Petersen are excellent.

Chuck Norris vs Mr. T. is really a guy's book but there are definitely more than a few quotes worthy of appreciation. The same can be said about The Truth About Chuck Norris and Chuck Norris Cannot Be Stopped.

J Curran

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