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Documentary - Where Did I Put ... My Memory - Directed by Josh Freed

Where Did I Put ... My Memory - Directed by Josh Freed
Where Did I Put - My Memory
Directed by Josh Freed
Documentary DVD

Documentarist Josh Freed looks at human memory and its many aspects in Where Did I Put My Memory? This DVD is everything a good documentary should be: informative, interesting, fun while involving the viewer. Freed looks at how memory might work, various methods to remember things, and why we forget things. Like all Josh Freed documentary films his sense of humor makes it that much more interesting.

Our obsession with memory is related in part with our fear of growing old. Forgetting things is one sign of getting old. It seems part of the reason we forget things is because each memory uses a variety of neural pathways and to recreate the memory you need to take the exact same pathways.

We do not understand that much about memory but we are getting there. Scientists are looking into ways to erase certain memories through drugs or deleting neurons. Some drugs already exist. There is also evidence physical exercise, being bilingual, and brain exercises slow brain deterioration.

Where Did I Put My Memory also offers a few tricks to remember things like singing or creating a mental picture. If they fail don't fret, even the world memory champion forgets names and where he put his car keys.

The documentary briefly looks at a woman who cannot remember anything more than twenty-four hours old and a woman who can remember every minute since she was fourteen. This could really have been expanded.

This is a very good documentary so create a mnemonic to remember to watch it the next time it airs on the CBC. You can also check www.joshfreed.ca for availability.

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