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Documentary - Secret Origin - The Story of DC Comics

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Secret Origin - The Story of DC Comics
Written and directed by Mac Carter
Warner Home Video 2010

Whether you are a casual or serious comic book fan the documentary DVD Secret Origin he Story of DC Comics is a must. This is a knowledgeable, smart, well-made, and absolutely fascinating look at DC Comics and the history of the American comic book. From Joel Schuster and Bob Kane to Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore, from Superman and Batman to Watchmen, Sandman, and Milestone, everyone is covered and given due though not objective time in this superb documentary.

The documentary covers the five or six periods of the American comic book. The Golden Age any fan knows about with the birth of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and a whole bunch of other costumed crime fighters. The Silver Age (mid-fifties to early seventies) with the Justice League of America , a more camp and pop art kind of comic book is followed by the Bronze Age (seventies to mid-eighties) and the generic, repetitive, unimaginative Superman and Batman.

The Modern Age is marked most by the decline of the Comic Code Authority rules and regulations. This allowed for a darker, more violent, more socially conscious, more realistic comic book and an antihero superhero.

Secret Origins also covers the new manifestations of the DC comic book as graphic novels like Watchmen and Sandman.

Most refreshing about this documentary DVD is it does not try to sell the idea of the comic book as literature and does not over analyze anything. This makes the story and the history relevant.

Secret Origin begins with the birth of the super hero and The Story of DC Comics closes with the rebirth of the super hero in a post 911 world. The more things change.

If you know anyone, anyone who is into graphic novels and comic books Secret Origin the Story of DC Comics is something that will be watched again and again.

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