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Mainstream - Mrs. Miracle

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Debbie Macomber s Mrs. Miracle
James Van Der Beek, Doris Roberts, Erin Karpluk
Directed by Michael M. Scott
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2010

Chick lit goes chick flick in this romantic Christmas DVD.  Mrs. Miracle is a seasonal offering with the usual syrupy story and dose of Christmas magic. This is the kind of made for TV Xmas movie that is good enough to become a personal favorite for some yet not really good enough to be particularly memorable. Mrs. Miracle is entertaining in a you can watch it absentmindedly while making Christmas preparations kind of way.

Everybody Loves Raymond s Doris Roberts plays Mrs. Merkle. She is a live-in nanny who comes to the rescue of the Webster family when the two six year old boys drive all other nannies away with their rather mild shenanigans. Their father, Seth Webster (James Van Der Beek), is a widower.

The boys call Mrs Merkle Ms. Miracle and they are right. Mrs. Miracle has a magic touch and she brings Seth and a single travel agent together.

This Christmas DVD would be fun for the entire family except that both Seth and his love interest Reba Maxwell have a serious problem to resolve. Seth must be able to move on after his wife's death and Reba must forgive her sister for stealing her fiancée many years ago. Few kids will be interested in or get this part of the story and it is a major part of this movie.

Mrs. Miracle is enjoyable but not more.

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