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Action - Robin Hood Season 2 - Robin Hood The Complete Series

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Robin Hood Season One
Robin Hood The Complete Series
Jonas Armstrong, Keith Allen, Lucy Griffiths
5 DVD 13 Episodes
BBC 2006
BBC Warner Home Entertainment 2010

Robin Hood Season Two features 13 episodes on 4 DVD and a fifth disc with special features. This is an enjoyable BBC costume and action series. Season Two requires willing suspension of disbelief as Nottingham Castle is no more secure than a sieve and nobody ever seems to recognize any of the Merry Men.  It is also available as part of Robin Hood The Complete Series, a 15 DVD 3 Season set.

Robin Hood Season Two starts off strong with a new villain in episode 1. The show does use the old "bad guys take a hostage to force Robin Hood to rescue him and fall into a trap" a bit too often but thirteen episodes are generally very good. The occasional nod to action movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark and Robocop (both on DVD 1) is a bit weird.

The stories are darker and more complex than the adventures seen in Robin Hood Season One but they are not quite as good.

The sheriff has a complex plot to take over the country with the Black Knights and people who have seen a few Jet Li movies. He also hires a psychopath to do his nefarious bidding. Robin has an informant in Nottingham Castle and the Sheriff has one in Sherwood Forest.

The sheriff himself is his usual clever, devious, scene chewing self. Maid Marian dresses a bit more provocatively than before. Jonas Armstrong as Robin Hood easily gets upstaged by just about any other character. He also does lots of crying. Still, the show features strong acting and writing.

Season 2 ends with quite a turn of events.

The green screen effects are generally on the lame side. Historical inaccuracies abound including the sheriff saying someone should "bite the bullet".

Special features for Robin Hood Season Two are on DVD 5. They include three featurettes including the 27-minute Beneath The Hood, a feature on a departing character, and a feature on a minor departing character.

Robin Hood The Complete Series - Season One

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