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Action - The A-Team

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The A Team
Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Jessica Biel
Directed by Joe Carnahan
Fox Home Entertainment 2010

Full disclosure:  I am only old enough to remember that the A-Team was a television series and that Mr.T was a bad ass.  That is he was, until he became a cartoon character.  So I am not a fan of the show and come to the film version of the A-Team without any expectations other than wanting to be entertained and see things blow up.

On that front, the A-Team definitely delivers: vans, helicopters, F-22 Raptors, C-130s, drones, humvees, and even cargo freighters all go boom!  The action sequences are many and the storyline doesn/'t feel like a burden. 

The scene with a parachuted tank firing on unmanned drones that was shown in most of the trailers definitely delivered, as did most of the actor/'s performances. 

I particularly enjoyed the exchanges between Murdock (Sharlto Copley) and B.A. (Quentin Jackson) most of which centred on B.A./'s recent fear of flying and Murdock/'s possible insanity.  Liam Neeson, great as always, is convincing as Hannibal - the man with a plan- and Bradley Cooper is serviceable as Faceman.  However, Cooper is much more convincing as a ladies man than as a tough-as-nails Ranger.   

The most disappointing role is Jessica Biel as Captain Sosa.  Poorly cast, Biel is wasted on a marginal character that adds no value to the movie. 

My ultimate measure of an action flick (or any movie for that matter) is whether I will sit through it again when it is on TV.  The A-Team comes close but doesn/'t quite make the cut.  The movie is good but nothing is amazing or new or different.  The A-Team is an entertaining cookie-cutter action movie.  A bunch of good action scenes with a few punch-lines scattered in between.

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