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Science Fiction - Doctor Who - The Complete Series Five

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Doctor Who The Complete Fifth Series
Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill
Originally aired BBC 2010
13 Episodes 6 DVD
BBC Warner Home Video 2010

One sure fire way to keep a series fresh is to reinvent the main character and his sidekick once in a while. Doctor Who The Complete Fifth Series features a new Doctor, Matt Smith, and a new friend, Amy Pond played by Karen Gillan. The new doctor takes a bit of getting used to while Amy is a great companion with even more gumption than Donna. Doctor Who The Complete Fifth Series features 13 episodes on 5 DVD and a Bonus Features DVD. This is one hell of a great show.

Doctor Who The Fifth Series is your usual high quality BBC TV series. This is the first time there is a storyline running through the entire season. It all begins with the crack in the wall of a young ten-year-old girl named Amelia Pond and ends when that crack is sealed. Meanwhile adventures take the Doctor and his companion to 29th Century and WW II England, and 16th century Venice to name a few

Although the entire fifth season is superb there are a couple of especially memorable shows. One is episode 10 Vincent and the Doctor where the Doctor and Amy meet Vincent Van Gogh on DVD 4 of Doctor Who The Complete Fifth Series. Also notable  are the very weird Amy's Choice and The Lodger.

The two part season finale rocks even if it is a bit too long. All of the Doctor's foes have banded together to defeat him or at least get him out of the way permanently. The ending is a bit melodramatic but there you go.

One very annoying thing about Doctor Who The Complete Fifth Series is the packaging. The box set consists of plastic trays taped together on the side to give it a book type appearance. The problem is the tape holding the trays together is not very solid so five of the trays detach from the sixth almost immediately.

Special features for this series aside from the odd extended scene are on DVD 6. These include Doctor Who Confidentials, Outtakes, and Video Diaries

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