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Mainstream - Cher - The Film Collection 6 movies 6 DVD

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Cher - The Film Collection
6 Films 6 DVD
MGM 2010

Cher The Film Collection features 6 Cher movies on 6 DVD. Two of these films are minor curiosities, Good Times and Chastity. Mermaids and Moonstruck are both excellent movies. Silkwood is an odd choice in that Cher plays a secondary character. Tea With Mussolini is one of those movies you either like or dislike.  There are 4 DVD and 2 double-sided discs in two clamshell boxes. All these Cher movies are already available individually. The Film Collection just puts all the movies in the same box.

Monnstruck is a very enjoyable romantic comedy. Cher plays Loretta, a widow who gets proposed to by one man (Danny Aiello) and then falls in love with the man's brother (Nicholas Cage), This Norman Jewison movie is very much an emotional Italian feast of passion, food, and life and death. Special features on the Moonstruck DVD include commentary track with Jewison, Cher, and the writer, features about the movie, its music, and its setting, and recipe cards.

In Mermaids Cher plays a single mother of two in the sixties. The two are Winona Ryder and Christina Ricci. The DVD is stereo and has no special features. Ryder is the star in this fun coming-of-age in the sixties movie about a Jewish girl who wants to be a nun, her sister, and her flamboyant mom.. Bob Hoskins plays Cher's love interest.

Good Times (1967) feels like a long Sonny and Cher episode with lots of sketches. Sonny makes a deal with a shady movie producer to make a film starring him and Cher. The movie then becomes the various stories Sonny imagines making such as a western, a Tarzan style flick, and a detective movie. It is entertaining enough.

Silkwood, nominated for 5 Academy Awards,  stars Merryl Streep as Karen Silkwood, a health and safety worker at a Kerr-McGee nuclear plant. Cher has a supporting role as the best girl friend. This is a good movie but you have to be in the mood for this kind of drama.

Tea With Mussolini is a Franco Zeffirelli drama set in pre WW II Italy. It also stars Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, and Lily Tomlin. Not my cup of tea so....

Chastity was not interesting enough to last long in the DVD player. For those wondering this is the PG version.

The Cher Collection DVD set is an interesting set for Cher fans who do not already have most of these films as individual releases.

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