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Mainstream - 12 Men of Christmas

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12 Men of Christmas
Kristin Chenoweth, Josh Hopkins
Directed by Arlene Sanford
Made for TV 2009
Fox Home Entertainment 2010

12 Men of Christmas is a made for TV Christmas comedy chick flick with Kristin Chenoweth as an ad executive who loses New York fiancé and job and finds herself in Small Town, Montana with a one-year contract to bring convention business there. She learns the Search and Rescue crew has to have fundraisers to keep going and decides bake sales pale in comparison to a calendar of local hunks more and mostly less au naturel. The rest is paint-by-numbers stuff with ham fisted story development.

This fish out of water comedy is enjoyable in a fluffy kind of way. There is not a single subtle moment in 12 Men of Christmas. The day after E.J. (Chenoweth) learns about the Search and Rescue s fundraising problem someone brings a box of old calendars to where she works to give to the tourists. You almost see a light bulb glow over E.J. head. Of course not everybody agrees with it, not everybody being town hunk and major league jerk Will (Josh Hopkins).

Clearly made for women, this comedy has its share of bare-chested men paraded around but not as often nor as hunky as they might wish. The story is pedantic, mostly serving to move the calendar up and show the animosity between E.J and Will. It also develops a side story between E.J. and a local guy.

Of course E.J. has to end up with Will so a couple of twists from the sledgehammer school of writing make sure that happens.

Most odd is nobody seems to notice that the men are posing in their underwear for a nudie calendar.

This made for TV comedy is enjoyable enough but not more than that.

The special feature on this comedy DVD is a Create Your Own Calendar computer program. You are limited to the pictures from the movie and I was sooo looking forward to making my own. I do have a great tush you know.

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